YouTube Studio adds a real-time subscriber count to your desktop

Go through Social Blade, as YouTube Studio has finally added a real-time subscriber count for your channel, which means that third-party services may no longer be needed.

There are countless videos on YouTube of a ticker going beyond a subscriber milestone, but now it’s easier than ever to sit back and watch your own audience increase (or decrease) from the YouTube creator board . So for those of you who don’t know, YouTube Studio has never had a real-time live subscriber countdown. Instead, you can only see a specific time count at the bottom of the video sharing platform.

Obviously, this meant that there were basically a lot of third-party platforms to be able to see how many people are subscribing to a YouTube channel in real time. Services like Blade social update every second, but even with this constant checking, the results may be a little inaccurate or even delayed, which means you can’t really trust a number of YouTube live subscribers as “exact “, but he remains quite solid as a ballpark figure.

In recent days, YouTube Studio’s main computer dashboard has added a real-time subscriber counter to the “Analytics” tab. You will see the window floating at the top right of this window when you open it. It is located just below the total subscriber count and when you click on the text “View live count” a family pop-up window will appear:

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