YouTube now allows creators to change the channel name without changing the entire Google account

YouTube makes it easy for creators to change the name and profile picture on their channels. Creators will now be able to update the name and image of their YouTube channel, and those changes will not more affects your YouTube profile.

Until now, creators had to change the name and icon of their entire Google Account, so their name on YouTube would be the same name from which they send emails to Gmail. This didn’t necessarily make sense from a brand or professional standpoint, and the new system should offer a little more flexibility to creators who may prefer to send emails with their real name rather than channel name.

There’s a substantial caveat to the new feature, though: creators with a verification badge lose the brand if they change their name. YouTube says creators will need to apply for participation to receive the badge again.

Both personal and branded accounts will be able to use the new feature to change the channel name. YouTube says the feature is a “main request from the creators” and will be rolled out starting today.

On the desktop, you can change the name and image of a channel by going to YouTube Studio and then Personalization, where they are on the Basic and Brand Information tabs. On your mobile, you need to tap the profile picture, the channel, and then tap “Edit channel.”

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