YouTube adds more video resolution controls to mobile

If you’re frustrated by the level of control that the YouTube mobile app offers in terms of video resolution, it’s nice to add even more precise options.

A recent server update for the YouTube mobile app has now added other options beyond incremental options and auto-resolutions. Previously, the automatic option was the only sub-selection you could make beyond the “advanced” or incremental options.

The new video resolution controls let you prioritize a “higher image quality” that, as expected, uses more data or “data saver,” which reduces the quality of the image / video when streaming. videos on the YouTube mobile app.

Obviously, when played, the quality of the video will change depending on your network or data connection conditions. The “highest image quality” mode seems to be limited to 720p in our very short tests. “Data saving” will be completed at 480p, but can drop to the lowest 144p resolution offered.

You can also choose which option you want the video playback app to play on mobile and Wi-Fi playback by default in the Settings section of the YouTube app. Also, when playing a video, you can always use the “Advanced” tab to choose a specific video playback resolution, from 144p to 4K UHD.

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