WordPress 5.9 was delayed “in a dangerous way”

WordPress recently decided to postpone the release of the third major version in 2021 to January 25, 2022. The project has fallen so far behind that the core contributors expressed concern last week about the feasibility of meeting the 2021 deadline.

What happens behind the scenes is the rush to meet the deadline, and people are increasingly aware that failure to stop the release may lead to a “regrettable decision” because the “big red flag” indicates that version 5.9 cannot be released on time.

High hopes for WordPress 5.9

WordPress version 5.9 is an important milestone for the WordPress community, as it includes an important upgrade to the complete site block editing function.


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Full site editing is a basic feature that allows publishers to edit all aspects of the website using the Gutenberg block interface.

The purpose of the Gutenberg shielding interface is to make WordPress easier to use through a visual interface.

Key components of version 5.9 are not yet ready

Many key components of an easy-to-use block-based editor are not yet ready for release.

The block-based editor represents the future of WordPress, but without these important components, the future of WordPress will still stay in the future.

According to the timeline announced by WordPress, they faced two decisions:

  • Meet deadlines by launching a significantly reduced version of WordPress
  • Postpone the deadline and release the full and expected version of WordPress 5.9


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According to WordPress, the problems that emerged proved insurmountable, and subsequently forced a delay in the release of version 5.9:

“At the end of the initial alpha release cycle, there were issues related to multiple major features planned for version 5.9, including:

Full Site Editing (FSE), it is a set of features, such as global style interface, navigation block, block theme, template editor and site editing process.

Twenty-two (TT2) topics depend on these FSE features. “

WordPress freezes the introduction of new features in order to concentrate resources on completing version 5.9

The same announcement stated:

“5.9 is still in the state of function freeze. The work from here is strict To address the changes that brought the version to a stable state. “

WordPress rushes in dangerous ways

The core contributors of the WordPress core raised concerns a week ago, pointing out that the project is far from complete, and saying that it is moving forward dangerously, suggesting that the release date be postponed to a later date.

The core contributor wrote:

“I think there are some big red flags here, and some things are not ready for 5.9.

Especially recreate the entire list of posts in the template/template section at the last minute.

Don’t we want to fully test the new processes in Gutenberg to ensure that they are improved and the required solutions are obtained before they are included in the core version?

We used to think that the navigation panel was an ideal solution, imagine if we sent it to the core WP a few days after development. We will regret it now.

In general, now we seem to be rushing in a dangerous way.

Our goal is to release 5.9 as the core of these projects, but too many things are not ready yet, so we are eager to change so many things at the last minute.

Isn’t it better to miss the expected target date than to rush at the last minute to make a potentially regrettable decision and new funds flow into the core WP? “


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It’s better to post after the holidays

The sight of core WordPress contributors “hurrying in a dangerous way” to meet essentially arbitrary deadlines can be frightening from the outside.

However, the core contributors themselves felt scared and saw that there was not much time left to actually deliver the finished product.

In a sense, it is best to release major version upgrades after the year-end holidays.

Problems are always possible, and problems during the critical holiday shopping season would be a disaster.

An argument can be made that the decision to postpone the release date until the end of the holiday is the most effective for several reasons.


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