Wix and Google announce GMB integration

Wix and Google announced an expanded partnership to integrate Google My Business (GMB) directly into Wix. Companies can now access GMB data directly from Wix, interact with customers and manage their personal data.

Wix business model

The value proposition of services such as Wix is ​​that they have to deal with the technical aspects of online businesses. Wix handles things like search engine optimization (SEO) and structured data. Wix also provides marketing tools that help small businesses succeed. This allows companies to focus on doing what they do best.


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The integration of “Google My Business” is in line with Wix’s business model of simplifying online transactions. The extended partnership with Google simplifies the management of Google My Business (GMB) profiles. This gives Wix a strong position in the local search industry.

What GMB integration provides

All operations that business owners can perform in the GMB interface, including managing their Google search and map data, can be done directly from the Wix platform through a familiar user interface.

According to Wix’s announcement:

“Business owners can manage their business profile, update their business information and business hours, add photos, update their website, create posts, add attributes, reply to comments, share questions and answers, communicate with customers and accept reservations.

The latest business profile is considered to be 2.7 times more credible, 70% more likely to attract location visits, and 50% more likely to make purchases. “


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Wax question and answer

I asked Kobi Gamliel, head of user marketing for Wix, about this integration.

In order to use these GMB tools in Wix, how much Google My Business experience do business owners need?

The seamless integration and user-friendly experience of GMB and Wix provide the best solution for business owners to manage their business in one place. Business owners with both experience and new experience can more easily use the GMB tool in Wix and integrate the complete GMB experience into the Wix dashboard.

The integration of GMB is seamless and easy to manage because the user interface (UI) on the entire Wix platform is unified.

Business owners find it easy to navigate the ecosystem of online business creation, management, and growth that they are already familiar with. “

What kind of insights and data can be provided through GMB integration?

“Business owners can get all the insights and data provided through GMB directly on the Wix dashboard, including-the number of searches and the breakdown of CTA potential customers, please click on Google my business profile-phone, website, direction.”

Google integration expertise

Wix already has experience in integrating Google services directly into the Wix platform.

Here are some of the Google integrations built into Wix:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Workspace
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Book an appointment via Google


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The addition of GMB is only the latest of many integrations with Google, so it should be as seamless as they say.

Valerio Sudrio, Head of EMEA Google My Business Partnership, said:

“Together with Wix, we provide essential tools to help business owners effectively and instantly interact with new and existing online customers…”

Wix makes great strides in local search

There are other platforms that can help small businesses build an online presence. However, Wix accounts do not have any complete set of marketing and business functions.

Wix has made great strides in its products (including the SEO field). Integrating GMB into the Wix platform makes Wix an important consideration for all companies that want to go online but can overcome a steep technological learning curve without making a large investment. This makes Wix a strong competitor.


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