What is your marketing strategy: paid or organic

If you’re like me, you’re very familiar with what it’s like to spend money on promoting your business … that’s how we’ve grown our visual display business to over 4K customers. We did this advertising monthly at Trade Publications, attending and exhibiting at industry trade shows and creating a website with over 400 pages with excellent SEO that led us to appear on page 1 in Google search. constantly over the years for our products. Ultimately, this brought us thousands of customers.

Between the fall of 2008, the pandemic and the current economy, times have changed radically.

Today horse BE THE BRAND of your business to grow your business faster. To people, like Gary V i Jasmine star i Neil Patel they achieve a constant commitment and thousands of customers from daily publication on social media and YouTube. Do they also spend thousands of dollars to promote their content?

The answer is yes. They know the media is paid. But they also own organic media for millions of dollars in sales. Here’s why.

Strategy 2: Organic v. Paid Media

Paid advertising works because it’s like an arcade game. As you improve, you will get consistent scalable results. Insert a coin and start the action. How much the action you get for your money depends entirely on how much money you invest in the game, how you learn to play, and the quality of your “creativity,” ad copy, and audience targeting.

As long as you get the results you want, you’ll only need to adjust your spending if you come up with a plan and start lowering your goals.

The organic content is different. The organic content is based on hitting exactly what your viewers want to know, see, or find out. Constantly and consistently.

Organic content is determined by algorithms that extend or stop your reach. You may get 1 like, or 1,000 … the determining factor is that you have been able to capture and attract the public of this platform.

There are no guarantees with organic products.

If you get it right, you can get a massive scale without paying for it. Personally I have been able to grow mine twitter account a more than 3,000 followers through organic publications. The challenge is that because you’re not forcing interaction, you have to be great at creating exactly what your desired audience wants and consistent … which means that organic strategies are a much bigger time commitment than payment strategies.

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