Watch the real-life squid game tournament in Mr. YouTube’s video. Beast

The youtuber Mr. Beast stages his own version of Squid Game in a new video that fits incredibly into the look of Netflix’s hugely successful show.

Look at real life Squid game tournament in the YouTube video of Mr. Beast. Netflix achieved one of its greatest hits of all time with this year’s dystopian sci-fi story of a mysterious tournament that pitted ordinary South Korean citizens against debt in a deadly real battle.

Squid game in fact, it impacted the international public by its depiction of a desperately cruel social microcosm where figuring out the rules is just the beginning when it comes to survival. To the sense of brutal irony of the show is added the nature of the games themselves, all games for seemingly innocent children like Red Light, Green Light, Tug-of-War and others, which in the world of Squid game take on new and horrible life or death implications. Now the creator of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk talks about season 2, and it looks like more Squid game comes given the great popularity of season 1.


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Squid game Season 1 was so big that it even caught the attention of well-known youtuber Mr. Beast, who has built a whole empire of content by doing crazy stunts and giving away a lot of money. Clearly Mr. Beast could not resist the need to assemble his own version Squid game with many of the challenges of the original show, but without the real death and chaos. But even though Mr. Beast’s Squid Game may not have the same life or death implications as the actual battle you played on the show, the monetary rewards are very real. 456 people started taking the challenge Mr. Beast’s Squid Game and only one came to an end, earning a very sizable prize of $ 456,000. See Mr. Squid’s game. Beast in the space below:

Watch this video here

The first thing that jumps out is the incredible amount of effort that Mr. Beast and his crew did to recreate the look of Squid game, to costumes and sets. The next thing that comes out is, yes, the game retains the look of Netflix’s sudden death Squid game It shows, though, of course, no one dies, it is simply sent with a harmless eskib when removed from the game. For the most part, Mr. Beast is very close to the rules of the game Squid game, only deviating in those cases where it would have been impossible to recreate the show exactly. For example, instead of making all contestants run out to reduce their numbers, Mr. Beast makes them play the program’s recruiting game. Another concession is made when the final game is not at all Squid Game, but a much more friendly musical chair game with Americans.

All in all, it’s impressive how much of the real tension Squid game manages to survive the translation to a much more benign and harmless iteration. Ultimately, however, the vibrations given off by Mr. Beast’s Squid game they are much more relaxed and fun than those who came from the Netflix show, which finally presented a very dark view of the world.

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Source: Mr. Beast / YouTube

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