TikTok outlines the changes and impacts of the ad campaign due to Apple’s IDFA update

Apple has unveiled its new one ATT data tracking queries in all apps from next week, all digital ad platforms are now working to complete their plans to prepare for the impacts and changes to their ad products and offerings.

Facebook provided an overview its result updates yesterday and now, TikTok is published an explanation about how the new process will affect your ad bid, with a series of changes taking effect.

First, TikTok says campaigns to install the app will now have to be launched through a new type of campaign.

“From April 26, the only way to target iOS 14.5 users for app installation ads will be through TikTok’s dedicated iOS 14 campaigns. This feature is available to all advertisers, and campaigns can be created by selecting an app installation goal or sales goal catalog with finding apps, selecting an iOS app, and setting the “Deliver to iOS14 + conversion events” switch to ON at the ad group level. “

Changes will affect ‘Application installations’, ‘Catalog sales’, or ‘Conversion goals. If you select one of these in the campaign setup process, you will now be notified that Apple’s release of iOS 14 may affect your ad delivery.

TikTok says advertisers should start creating these new iOS 14 dedicated campaigns to reduce disruption and keep application installation campaigns as smooth as possible.

In addition, TikTok says it will begin launching a new, dedicated campaign for iOS 14 in the coming weeks.

“Advertisers can begin to learn about all the changes for iOS campaign applications, while optimizing and reporting based on SKAdNetwork data. If you’re interested in testing this experience before running ATT, contact your sales representative for more information.”

The full effects of Apple’s update won’t, of course, be clear for a while, but current changes will mean companies need to update their strategic approaches and processes to adapt to the new elements.

TikTok also advises advertisers to act on the following elements:IN

  • Update your mobile measurement software development package. Updating the MMP SDK version supported by SKAN will ensure that your application is registered for the SKAN-based attribution and give you the ability to optimize and measure installations and events after iOS 14 users install.
  • Complete the configuration of the conversion events in their MMP interface.This ensures that ad networks like TikTok can receive post-installation events and event values ​​from the SKAN API to provide optimization and measurement for iOS 14 campaigns.
  • INSend all events to TikTok via your MMP. To help improve the performance of your application campaigns, we recommend sending TikTok all data – including unallocated data – from your MMP. This will allow our downstream systems to better adapt and optimize for SKAdNetwork. Please check with your MMP how to enable the sending of data from the entire channel, including unallocated event data, to TikTok.

These changes won’t affect all ad campaigns – so if you’re reading these instructions and thinking “what is this about?”, It probably won’t affect access to your TikTok ads. But it’s worth noting that changes are happening that could affect the performance of your TikTok campaign.

More information on all impacts can be found in Overview of the TikTok Help Center to update iOS 14.

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