TikTok is launching next-generation ads to help advertisers gather audience information

TikTok wants to help advertisers gain more direct insight into potential customers through the new one Ad option to generate leads, which will allow brands to collect user data directly from their embedded ads.

As you can see here, ads to generate leads on TikTok include a CTA that guides users into the form process.

As he explained TikTok:

“Lead Generation begins by making it easier for users to fill out a form and provide their information (e.g., names, emails, phone numbers) to signal their interest in that particular product or service. In addition, the basic information our users provide to TikTok can is automatically filled in for an effective experience between the company and the user. “

So much key response information can be filled in automatically, simplifying the process and making it easier for interested users to send their information directly to your business.

You can also customize the header and profile picture on the form, as well as the questions in the list.

Ads TikTok Lead Generation

When people fill out your form to generate leads, the data is then stored on TikTok, to be downloaded at a time of your choice (with appropriate privacy provisions), while the data can also be directly integrated into your CRM, adding to your proprietary information shops.

It could be a useful option for collecting relevant user data, while it could also help negate some expected impacts Apple’s IDFA update, which is likely to see many users opt out of tracking data in apps, limiting the information that brands are then available for their campaigns.

By collecting more of this data directly, it could mitigate some of those impacts – and while that won’t help in terms of tracking interest and conversion behavior in the app, it will provide another way to build your own audience database.

In that sense, lead generation ads are a great addition that register the data of engaged viewers for future references and campaigns. It can also help you create more accurate audience personas for expanded ad targeting and guide your content forward.

It is a good addition to the TikTok ad package, with a number of potential applications.

Worth considering in your process.

TikTok water generation ads are now available to all companies globally – you can learn more about this option here.

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