TikTok deploys “Playlists” for users to organize content

TikTok has recently launched a new feature for popular creators and companies to group similar videos. TikTok playlists will be a hub for creators to organize their videos into separate folders, such as series.

Matt Navarra, a social media expert, tweeted about the efficiency of the new features for viewers. Viewers can continue to watch a series that covers their interest. Navarre cited Alessandro Paluzzi for the logistics of what may be on a playlist. The feature is only available for creators and company accounts and can only include public videos in a playlist at a time.

How playlists are used

Jere Foster-Fell, creator of TikTok with a million followers, announced the feature on her channel. He made a TikTok explaining how to access and create a playlist through his profile.

Creating a playlist in TikTok is easy to use. Because video length is limited to TikTok, the ability to group multiple videos provides a way for videos to be longer. Creators won’t have to squeeze information into a 60-second video and can do a series to fully explain an idea.

Advantages of a playlist

Playlists will provide accounts with a way to organize their content and help their viewers quickly find copacetic videos. Creators can formally start a series about their passions. Companies can use playlists for specific products or services they provide.

There are a myriad of possibilities that a playlist can provide. From user involvement to giving creators more options, playlists are a smart move for TikTok. Keeping people on the app for longer is an advantage for your business model and for the creators who benefit from it.

Playlists will need to be released to a wider user base in the near future. It will be informative to see the feature used on the platform. Video-based platforms like TikTok must ensure that they offer their users a quality experience to maintain their high status.


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