The ultimate guide to strengthening a local SEO strategy

Every business should be local SEO strategy If they don’t want to miss targeted potential customers, this is especially important for local companies that need to target their city or region.

The first task of local companies is to obtain high-level positions in specific positions.Having said that, it’s important to pay attention Search Engine Optimization Unstable, it keeps changing.Therefore, the best way is to consider feasible and effective methods to enhance local capabilities Search Engine Optimization And ensure a high ranking.

After correct completion, the local Search Engine Optimization Can help you generate more high-quality traffic, potential customers and conversions. In addition, it can also help you compete with big brands and stay relevant in the competition.

This article will guide you to adopt four effective strategies to strengthen your localization Search Engine Optimization strategy. let’s start.

1. Optimize the “Google My Business” page

One of the most obvious but important strategies to strengthen local capabilities Search Engine Optimization The strategy is to optimize your Google My Business page.

List your business through “Google My Business” to make it easier for people to discover your business. Once listed, when users search for a company similar to yours, your company will be displayed on Google Maps.

This will also help your business rank higher in search engine results. When Google verifies that your business is legitimate, your business can also be displayed in the sidebar of the Google search results page.You should follow the tips below to optimize the “Google My Business” page and enhance local features Search Engine Optimization:

  • Perform a sanitation check on your “Google My Business” listing.
  • Make sure you provide detailed, accurate and up-to-date information about your business.
  • Add your company logo, related images, exact location, payment method, services or products you provide, and business hours.
  • Encourage your customers to add their feedback and ratings.
  • Always respond quickly to your Customer reviews.

These tips and tricks will help you enhance your local skills Search Engine Optimization And generate more high-quality potential customers for your business.

2. Optimize your local business listing

The local directory is one of the most common locations for users to search for local businesses. Therefore, you should add your company list to all popular directories in the niche market.

These directories usually rank higher in Google search results for local search queries. If you optimize your listings, anyone who checks these directories can be redirected to your website or company. This can not only help you increase natural search traffic, but also help you gain qualified potential customers.

Update the name, address and phone part

These are the most important elements of your “Google My Business” list because they provide your contact information to potential customers. It is important to ensure that all detailed information is accurate and updated, otherwise, you may lose potential, high-attention customers.

Also, make sure there are no spelling errors and avoid using acronyms or anything confusing. If there are any changes to your contact information, please update all lists accordingly.

Also, please make sure that these details are consistent across all lists. Otherwise, people may be confused and even wonder who to trust.

3. Optimize your website content for local keywords

You should optimize your website content with Keyword Also relevant to your local customers.

You can use Google’s Key words The planner found relevant Local keywords Use location filters. This tool can help you identify the most popular and relevant local keywords you should target.

Once you have a local keyword list, you should include it in the website content, meta description, title, and URL.

However, before using keywords, you need to check their potential competitiveness.For this, you can use tool For example, SpyFu, to see if your competitors are also using these keywords.If you use the same keywords, you can enhance the competitiveness of your competitors Local SEO, They may also be good for you.

However, please use caution and don’t overuse keywords. This is because keyword stuffing may make your website content appear spam. Make sure you distribute keywords evenly throughout the content and add keywords in a way that looks natural and appropriate.

For example, Focus Focus, the famous photo booth in Toronto, uses its location-based keyword “Toronto photo booth” whenever possible.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the business location they mentioned happens to be in the center login page. Similarly, their meta titles also start with the same local keywords.

Source: Focus Booth

4. Ask your satisfied customers to give positive online reviews

positive comment influences 68% of consumers Use your local business.

This shows that positive reviews can help you attract new customers. Therefore, please continue to let your satisfied customers share positive feedback. You should also encourage them to give good reviews of your business online.

91% of millennials Trust online reviews and personal recommendations. Therefore, earning positive reviews for your business online can help your brand look more trustworthy.

Always provide quality service to your customers. It will encourage them to become your brand advocates, write more positive reviews, and recommend your business to their friends and family.

Positive reviews can help you win the trust of your target audience and attract more qualified potential customers. Here are some tips that can inspire your customers to write good reviews for your business:

  • After the customer takes advantage of your service, please make sure to conduct the review in person.
  • You can also send them a text message or e-mail After purchasing, ask your customers to comment.
  • Be sure to respond to customer reviews immediately after reading them. Thank your customers for their positive reviews and encourage them to visit again.

If you receive a negative review, please apologize for your inconvenience and try to resolve their problem in a polite and professional manner. For example, when you type “Electricians in Seattle”, you will see a list of local businesses and their ratings.

Example of using customer reviews to rank for local SEOSource: Google

4. Create a mobile-sensitive website

The use of mobile devices has increased significantly, and the number of mobile searches has also increased. Credit goes to the ever-increasing accessibility and availability of high-speed internet.

According to Statista’s forecast, by 2019, the number of mobile users will reach 4.68 billion.

52.2% of total website traffic Mobile devices from 2018. In addition, this percentage may increase further.

Statista website traffic graph

Source: Statista

Therefore, you need to design and develop a responsive website to improve the user experience on mobile devices.

Using responsive website design can help you stand out from your competitors and improve your local users Search Engine Optimization. You should follow these tips to create a mobile responsive website:

  • Always optimize your images and videos to reduce page load time.
  • Plan your website layout and navigation menu carefully. Make sure that visitors can find what they want more easily.
  • Improve page loading speed. If your page takes a long time to load, it won’t attract users’ attention.
  • Add social media sharing buttons to product pages and blog posts. Make sure that visitors can easily share your content in their circles.

You can use tools like Google’s “Mobile Suitability Test” to check whether your website is sensitive to mobile devices. This tool can help you improve the mobile responsiveness of your website by providing you with valuable suggestions.

Screen shot of mobile device compatibility test

Source: Google

5. Strengthen the influence of social media

Social media does have an impact on your position in search engine results. Let us discuss it in detail.

establish one Excellent social media image Can help your brand look more credible and trustworthy.Social media can also be Backlink And high-quality traffic.

You need to be very active on social media. Proactively promoting your business on social media can help you increase brand awareness and influence. This can help you attract more people to use your brand, products and/or services.

However, you should always publish content that is relevant and useful to your audience. If they find your content valuable, then they are more likely to follow you and visit your website. They can also share your content through their social networks.

Promoting your business on social media is an effective strategy to increase brand awareness and traffic.It can also positively influence and enhance your local SEO strategy In the long run.

Final thoughts

It is important to take time to develop an effective place Search Engine Optimization strategy.However, at the same time, it is also important to pay attention to the recent situation Search Engine Optimization trend.that is because Search Engine Optimization industry develop rapidly.

You should always keep up to date Search Engine Optimization Trends and use them to stay ahead of the competition.

Follow the feasible strategies we discussed above to enhance your local capabilities Search Engine Optimization Strategy and rank higher in local searches.

Do you know other ways to improve local conditions Search Engine Optimization strategy? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section.

Shane Barker is a digital strategist, brand and influencer consultant.You can find him on Twitter .

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