The UK Covid caused another 149 deaths in a single week, but increased by 14% to 43,676 cases.

The death toll from COVID-19 dropped by a third in a week, with 149 more deaths today.

However, it was a small victory, as the number of positive infections increased by 14 percent to another 43,676.


In the UK, the death toll from Kovis has dropped by a third in a week.

It comes from the middle Schools fear that they will have to set up their own “circuit breakers”; Efforts are being made to combat the growing number of cases.

According to government figures released on Wednesday, 38,263 Britons were infected with the virus.

However, there were 201 deaths and fewer deaths from the disease.

So far, 144,286 people have died within 28 days as a result of a positive test.

But a new study has revealed hope for the Covid booster jab. It provides five times more protection than the second dose.

Experts believe the boost shot lasts longer than the original two shots.

The researchers looked at the vaccine response in 33 healthy middle-aged adults.

They had all been slapped a second time in the past nine months on average.

Before taking booster shots, their antibody levels dropped almost tenfold.

Six to ten days after the top-up, the antibody level rises 25 times, five times more than after two injections.

However, the success of the vaccine has been marred by concerns. The new variant of Covid, which has many mutations that could be immune to vaccines, could hurt the UK.

Geneticists say there are 32 genes in the world. Found in Botswana and Hong Kong.

Experts say it seems to be a link to an older version called B.1.1.

The news comes as a wake-up call for rising infections in Europe. On the continent.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the death toll could rise to another 700,000 this winter if no further action is taken.

Their research suggests that from now until March 1, hospital beds in 25 countries will experience extreme stress and high or high pressure on IC units.

Under the intensity of the fourth wave of the continent, bodies were reportedly piled up in hospitals and freezers, which were filled with medical caps.

Romanian hospitals are struggling to cope with the growing epidemic. Germany and the Netherlands have joined forces to increase the number of cases.

Restrictions have been met with anti-traffic crowds. Burn the streets of Brussels၊ The following: Protests Italy Netherlands Austria Switzerland In Croatia and Denmark

Europe The fourth wave of epidemics Slow vaccination; Infectious delta species and colder climates have been blamed for forcing people to gather indoors.

It is hoped that the UK's high immunization rate will help keep the NHS under pressure.


It is hoped that the UK’s high immunization rate will help keep the NHS under pressure.Credit: AFP

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