The Global Industry Summit partners with the Italian “Confistery”

Dubai: «The Gulf»

The Global Industry and Manufacturing Summit has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Confederation of Italian Industry “Confisteria”, at the conclusion of the “Industry and Innovation” event, which was held on the fourth day of the Global Industry and Manufacturing Summit- week in the Dubai Exhibition Center at the Dubai Expo.

The signing ceremony took place in the presence of Luigi Di Maio, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, concluding the specialized event held in collaboration with Italy with the aim of supporting and applying the techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the industrial sector. to suit. sector, highlighting the importance of sharing experiences and developing partnerships in the era of digitalization, contributing to achieving broad industrial and economic development, sustainable and open horizons to an era of change and development.

Badr Salim Sultan Al Olama, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Industrialization and Manufacturing Summit, said: “Strengthening international cooperation will contribute to achieving sustainable prosperity in local markets and support the development of global industries as partnerships established through collaborative projects bilateral relations are established. Today’s event is an important step in the process of developing the global industrial sector and its role in building economic and social stability.”

The conference opened with a speech by Nicola Lenz, Italian Ambassador to the UAE, followed by a speech by Barbara Beltrami Giacomello, Vice President for International Relations at the General Confederation of Italian Industry, where she highlighted the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries. discussed, with a focus on the significant increase in export and import volume in the field of manufactured medical equipment and research and development partnerships between the most prestigious Emirati and Italian universities, in addition to the future prospects of the fourth industrial revolution. The speakers called for the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to be applied in all industrial sectors.

The event witnessed a panel discussion on the future of the industrial sector, with the participation of Alessandro Spada, Vice President of VR Group and President of the Asulumbarda Association, Daniela Vinci, CEO of Masmic, Alberto Trippi, President of Almaviva, and Ismail Abdallah , CEO of Strata Manufacturing.

The panelists discussed the most prominent technical and industry trends and current policies that are helping to shape the post-epidemic phase. The participants focused on the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration and the industrial sector, given the great growth opportunities offered by robotics, mechanical and electronic engineering (mechatronics), in addition to information and communication technology and artificial intelligence, and the need to strengthen research . and development efforts to improve the sustainability of the production chain.


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