The benefits of interpreter videos – how videos can help increase conversion rates

What is a commentary video?

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos that explain your company’s products or services. These types of videos can take many different forms, such as real scenes, animations, whiteboards, and combinations.

It’s up to your business to decide which form of explainer video you like, and it’s developed by a creative agency like ours Best commentator video Satisfy your needs.

The benefits of interpreter videos-these videos are best at:

Increased page conversions

What is website conversion? When a visitor on the website completes the required actions (such as purchasing a product, filling in a form, clicking a button, registering an email, sharing content on social media, etc.), a website conversion occurs.

How to increase network conversions?

You can simplify navigation by analyzing how your audience interacts with your website and dial the call-to-action button. Make your website mobile friendly, And make it easy to convert.

In addition, after some websites have added great video content to the website, their conversion rate has increased by 144%.

Improve SEO search ranking

What does SEO stand for? SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Improving SEO search ranking involves the process of increasing website traffic by increasing the website’s visibility to search engine users.

Strong SEO can optimize your website to rank higher in search engine page results, and has been proven to help you rank.

Extend the time viewers stay on your page by up to 2 times

The longer you can keep your visitors on the site, the more likely they are to participate in conversions.

Through the steps to improve SEO and increase website conversion rate (as described above), you are more likely to increase the amount of time visitors stay on the page by up to 2 times.

Top video content can keep viewers on your page longer, which is a great asset because they will be attracted by video-based content and encouraged to participate in conversions.

Many other marketing situations (investor promotion, email signatures, trade shows, etc.)


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