Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Why BlackRock is bullish on blockchain, but not bitcoin

BlackRock has no plans to launch a bitcoin product, but is bullish on the blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies, according to...

BlackRock exec’s warning: ‘Game over’ for fund manager pay rises

Fund management professionals have been warned that soaring pay and bonuses prompted by an escalating war for talent could soon come...

Special forces training, dogs and six-figure salaries – how law firms...

Resilience training from former soldiers, dogs in the office and £ 160,000 salaries for juniors are just some of the ways London law firms...

Bosses Swear by the 90-Day Rule to Keep Workers Long Term

In the quest to retain workers, companies are sharpening their focus on a very specific common goal: 90 days.Hold on to an employee for...

Blackstone, Carlyle brace for private equity’s terrible hangover ‘

Despite the sunny weather, the outlook was less rosy this week in Berlin, where the private equity industry met for its...

Hector Sants: City workers aren’t immune from money troubles

Sir Hector Sants was chief executive of the Financial Services Authority and head of compliance at Barclays. He is currently...
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