Summary of the “Over the Fold” Part: Packing the CPG Brand with Michael Keplinger

Do you remember the label on the jar of chopped tomatoes you bought last? I bet, if at all.

So why did you buy it? Maybe the price had something to do with it. Or maybe you always buy tomatoes of the same brand.

However, if you’re in a grocery store, you need diced tomatoes, and you don’t have huge price sensitivity or brand kinship, your choice is likely due to an unconscious bias toward the jar label or brand.

So how can a consumer dig up packaged goods (unknown prejudices), let alone store them? The answer is surprisingly simple (and no, it’s not just slapping bright colors on everything).

Listen to Michael Keplinger from SmashBrand, who has been branding Duracell, Kraft and others in the meantime, unpack all things from the CPG brand:

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“I’m excited about the idea of ​​associating the whole world with the movie ‘Great.'”

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