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Solana back online after another outage. Here’s what happened


Solana is back online after suffering an outage on Friday night that stopped the blockchain from processing transactions.

The issue appeared to be caused by a misconfigured node, or a computer running Solana software necessary for the network to run, according to Stakewiza Solana validator operator.

This isn’t the blockchain’s first major outage or issue. This year alone, Solana has dealt with multiple outages, degraded performance, and network instability. In September 2021, Solana went offline for almost 18 hours.

Solana did not immediately respond to Fortune‘s request for comment.

The Solana Status Twitter account acknowledged the latest issue at 8:45 pm ET on Friday, and at 3:04 am ET on Saturday, noted that validator operators had “successfully completed a cluster restart” of the Solana mainnet.

While “analysis is still ongoing,” Stakewiz tweeted, “the offending validator appeared to be running a duplicate instance, and both their instances produced a block.”

This caused an “obscure code path where validators were unable to switch back to the heaviest (main) fork. Validators were ‘stuck’ on the wrong fork and unable to get to the winning one.”

As prominent crypto critic Molly White points out in her blog “Web3 is going just great,” “it’s a bit startling that, in a supposedly decentralized network, one single node can bring the entire network offline.”

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