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There, we spent months and months optimizing our website for the Page Experience update, and the ranking will change mercilessly until May 1st.If you still need some way to make all the core Web Vitals sit comfortably in a green environment, then we have good news for you: the Page Experience update has been postponed until mid-June and lasted until the last August

Google announced the news on it Search Central Blog, Said it will provide website owners with more “time, tools, and detailed information.” Google also said that the months-long deployment will make it easier for them to monitor “unexpected or unexpected” issues. This announcement was made a few days after Google’s release Last minute change Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) scores in response to the concerns of website owners.

Now, Google did not directly lead us into the abyss, but first gave us some time to test. Some smaller updates are already online, but most of them are expected to be rolled out gradually in the coming months. This means that we have more time to increase these scores to zero and take advantage of potential ranking improvements.

An early entry into force project is a new Web experience report Display the current Core Web Vitals performance of your website in Search Console and combine these results with other page experience signals: mobile device friendliness, HTTPS, security issues, and advertising experience. Together, these scores will be evaluated to determine the percentage of URLs on the website that provide a good page experience, making it easier to track pages that fail the page experience metrics.

Therefore, here is what we know now and will be released in mid-June:

  • Page Experience ranking changes will begin to roll out gradually over a period of two months.
  • Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) will no longer be a requirement to qualify for the “Best Story Carousel”.
  • Google will continue to test its “page experience/core network life” label in search results.

By the end of August, all these changes will be finalized, and the look of the search engine results page (SERP) may be very different from before. At the same time, all we can do is what we have been doing-we just have the opportunity to work longer on this basis. What if your website has been perfected? Well, John Mueller suggests that you start SEO.

You can use more SEO news

John Mueller supports all aspects of your SEO: John Mueller of Google Say on Reddit The upcoming Page Experience update marks an excellent opportunity for SEO to improve knowledge and start making money on the side trading. As any website owner has realized now, optimizing for all three Core Web Vitals is a daunting task, so website owners must expand their knowledge of SEO technology accordingly. If you are a new knight, you can save a few hours of time (after all, for all three indicators, your website is already in a green state, right?), now is the time to share your knowledge and quickly contribute . Buck. If you can use your score to prove that you have done it, then customers know you can do it for them.

The new WordPress plugin can help users optimize the page experience update: Speaking of Core Web Vitals, this is great news for WordPress users who don’t have access to a full-time developer team.Automattic created by the creators of WordPress has just been released Jetpack booster, This is a free plug-in that can easily provide one-click optimization for Google Core Web Vitals. Currently, the plugin can optimize CSS loading, delay all unnecessary JavaScript and improve the user experience (UX) by delaying the loading of images. Basically, Jetpack Boost will automatically perform a lot of work that you need to pay to developers, and more features will be planned in the future.

This is why Google removes content from search results: Usually, network owners can escape a lot. Even websites that violate Google’s rules will not be permanently deleted from the index, and almost all websites have a second chance to consolidate their rankings.Although deleting content is not a rash action taken by the search engine giant, Google’s Danny Sullivan (Danny Sullivan) in Blog Content is removed from Google search results for two reasons: to comply with the law and protect users. The information provided by the authorities is usually related to privacy and defamation laws, and may require Google to delete certain results. Google may also decide to delete content that contains highly personal information, such as medical records or images posted without the subject’s consent.

It looks like WordPress may jump on the trend of blocking FLoC: Last week we Reported Privacy-conscious search engines DuckDuckGo, Brave and Vivaldi issued statements criticizing Google’s FLoC (its proposed third-party cookie alternative). According to Google’s competitors, this is not good enough. Now, the world’s largest content management system (CMS) is also questioning FLoC. WordPress is discussing proposals to block FLoC. The conversation is still in progress In the developer community, some people call it a “security threat”, while others disagree.So far, no definite decision has been made, but Search Engine Journal (SEJ) Have a Excellent roundup discussion. Let us wait and see what happens next.

Microsoft has released many new features and technologies: Let’s take a break from all Google discussions, shall we? Microsoft is also very busy! At the recent Microsoft Advertising Elevate conference, the company announced a series of new changes, from price comparison Beta to its own small business center with organic and paid social integration. However, in this day and age, search privacy advocates have more say than ever before. This is a new feature. Microsoft Bing’s new privacy-first search product allows Bing to provide results without seeing the user’s search terms, and is specifically designed for its search partner network (DuckDuckGo is currently using it.) Become a Bing user (and Advertiser) is an exciting time and there are many more sources, so please check new function For yourself – it may inspire some SEO ideas.

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