Revolutionary smile assessment software for dentists

Smiley Launched at the end of 2019. In recent weeks, there has been great demand for this game-changing app.

Sometimes changes are slow and gradual, and sometimes changes occur suddenly due to circumstances beyond our control.

Unless you have been living under a rock (it doesn’t sound like a bad place right now), you will always be concerned about the flu-like development that started in Wuhan, China.

After just a few weeks, we all woke up and realized Coronavirus disease The pandemic will affect our lives and businesses now and in the future.

Businesses are closed, travel is restricted, stocks are in a bear market, self-quarantine is recommended, and people are scrambling. Life as we know it may never be the same again.

It’s time to go beyond traditional consulting

We have partnered with SmileSnap to provide your business with a greater competitive advantage than mail order braces, and the current disruptive business conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch the short introductory video below:

What is SmileSnap?

SmileSnap is a revolutionary new smile assessment software for dental service providers, allowing you to start more patients through a virtual consultation service that meets HIPAA requirements.

This beautiful, fully customizable website application allows you to communicate with patients in need of orthodontic care anytime, anywhere. Even self-isolation.

SmileSnap patients will be pre-qualified through this unique platform, and informed, motivated and ready to receive treatment for consultation.

Are you ready to use SmileSnap?

We know that business is currently difficult and we are living in uncertain times. We also know that the current situation is changing rapidly. If we continue to do the same things and expect us to achieve the best results, the results will only get smaller and smaller.

Therefore, we partnered with SmileSnap and negotiated deals for our customers and readers.

Maintain a competitive advantage and use our exclusive referral code ‘BLEND20’ Here, we will waive you setup and entry fees-worth $299.

SmileSnap provides monthly and annual subscription plans without fixed contractual obligations, and billing is only monthly.

Sign up for SmileSnap now and start providing virtual consultations!Just visit their website and don’t forget to enter our referral code “Blend20” Save you $299 in setup costs.

Remember everything there safely.


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