Retailers are turning to social media to promote Black Friday and Saturday for small businesses

Christmas is coming, but first comes “Black Friday,” which even in the era of e-commerce and online retailers – not to mention Amazon Prime Day – remains the busiest shopping day of the year. This is the traditional start to the holiday season, and retailers offer some of the most attractive holiday offers.

You can’t help but notice the noise that has been rising for weeks about the possibility of an agreement on the Friday after Thanksgiving. These arrangements could be rare due to supply chain problems this year. That’s why social media can be crucial in finding the lowest prices this year.

Dr. PK stated that companies are increasingly using social networks. This is especially true for those focused on Gen-Z and millennial customers. They use this type of media the most. Kannan, Dean of the Department of Marketing Science at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Kannan said gift products, electronics and clothing are likely to be represented on social media. This makes #blackfridaydeals a great search medium. These channels should contain any product targeted to that audience.

Furthermore, the holiday is not just for Black Friday. It will also be valid during a four-day holiday weekend, as well as until Cyber ​​Monday next Monday.

According to Dr. Dustin York (associate professor of communications at the University of Maryville), “Salespeople, big and small, understand the impact of social media.” Consider including notification alerts for your favorite stores via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter because merchants can post discounts throughout the day. It’s easier to find offers from these stores on social media than anywhere else.

Go Small

While Black Friday existed long before the internet existed, Small Business Saturday – which is now only 11 years old – was truly born in the era of social media. American Express created it in collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It has been widely promoted through platforms like Facebook since its inception.

While some people still remember the Yellow Pages proposal to “let your fingers walk everything,” it is more popular today for thumbs to do a search. Customers can support local retailers as well as smaller retailers across the country by searching for the hashtags #smallbusinesssaturday and #smallbizsaturday.

York said local retailers should use Saturday for Small Business to increase their power in local searches. Local businesses promote social media and Google search algorithms, so digital must be an important factor for business owners. Remember, most local online searches end in a sale – there is no better day to profit than Saturday for small businesses. ”

This is especially true for younger customers.

Kannan said small businesses are very effective at targeting customers and converting them on social media. If the product is aimed at Gen-Z and millennial customers, this will be especially true. You can target your customers via social media using their psychographic profile and behavior. This results in highly targeted targeting. Display and video ads can be converted at a low acquisition cost.

Kannan said another advantage of social media is their coincidence that they become viral hits. According to Kannan, “Gen-Z is more likely to trust their peers than they advertise commercials. If a small business item goes viral, it can result in a large increase in sales. Small businesses should use social media regularly on Saturday Small Business.

You can be influential

For small retailers and brands, the impact on social media could have big results – especially on the eve of the holidays.

“Social media can be a powerful way for entrepreneurs to profit from the biggest shopping weeks of the year,” Dr. Yuvay Ferguson, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Impact and Engagement and Professor at Howard University School of Business.

Ferguson said that while Influencer Marketing may seem daunting to small business owners, the power and reach of social media has proven effective in getting your business seen by potential customers. Don’t be afraid to contact new influencers, even if they don’t have much to spend. They may be interested in highlighting brands similar to yours. You can also offer them a coupon code that you can share with their followers. It’s amazing how many people would be open to the idea of ​​your relationship. It is easy to do this in a win-win situation by offering a discount or gift certificate to your customers.

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