Retailers are turning to social media to promote Black Friday and Saturday for small businesses

Christmas is coming, but first comes “Black Friday,” which even in the era of e-commerce and online retailers – not to mention Amazon Prime Day – remains the busiest shopping day of the year. It is still the official start of the holiday season and then retailers often offer the best holiday deals.

Given the hype, which has been piling up for weeks, it would be hard not to know there will be a deal on the Friday after Thanksgiving. However, given the problems in the supply chain this year, there could be many of these jobs. So this year social networks could be crucial in finding the best prices.

“Social media is increasingly used by companies, especially those that focus on millennial and Gen-Z customers, who use these types of media more than anything else,” said Dr. PK Kannan, dean of the Department of Marketing Sciences at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.

“So gifts, electronics, clothing, video games, etc., are categories of products that are likely to be heavily represented on social media and that makes them an ideal medium to search for #blackfridaydeals,” Kannan added. “Every product category targeted at these demographic categories should be highlighted on these channels.”

Moreover, it’s not just for Black Friday, it will be valid throughout the four-day holiday weekend and until Cyber ​​Monday next week.

“Big and small retailers understand the impact of social media, and you’ll see that on Black Business Saturday,” explained Dr. Dustin York, an associate professor of communications at the University of Maryville. “Since retailers can post offers throughout the day, consider including alert notifications for your favorite stores on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You’ll see offers on their social networks before you see them elsewhere.”

Going to the little ones

While Black Friday existed long before the internet existed, Small Business Saturday – which is now only 11 years old – was truly born in the era of social media. It was created by American Express, in partnership with the non-profit National Fund for the Preservation of History, and has been promoted on platforms such as Facebook since its inception.

And while those at a certain age may also remember when the Yellow Pages suggested “let your fingers walk,” today it could be much more common to let your thumbs search. Customers can support local retailers as well as smaller retailers across the country by searching for the hashtags #smallbusinesssaturday and #smallbizsaturday.

“Local retailers should take advantage of Saturday’s power of small businesses in local search,” York said. “Social media and Google search algorithms promote local businesses, so digital should be a key factor for owners. Remember, most local online searches end in a sale – there’s no better day to profit than Saturday for small businesses.”

This is especially true for attracting younger customers this year.

“Small businesses have been very successful in targeting customers and making conversions on social media,” Kannan said. “This is especially true if the products are targeted at Millennium and Generation Z customers. Social media is an ideal channel to accurately target customers based on their behavior and psychographic profiles. This leads to very effective targeting and so display and video ads lead to conversions with relatively low acquisition costs. “

The other positive side of social media is the coincidence that they became a viral hit, Kannan suggested. “Gen-Z especially believes in the word of mouth of its colleagues and doesn’t believe in commercials. So if an item from a small business becomes a viral sensation, it can lead to incredible sales gains. Therefore, I would warmly recommend small businesses use social media regularly for Saturday as well. for Small Business. “

Get some impact

For small retailers and brands, the impact on social media could have big results – especially on the eve of the holidays.

“Social media is a great way for entrepreneurs to benefit from the biggest shopping week of the year,” said Dr. Yuvay Meyers Ferguson, Ph.D., assistant dean for Impact and Engagement and associate professor at Howard University Business School.

“Influencer marketing can feel daunting for small business owners, but the power of social media is a proven way to bring your business out to potential consumers,” Ferguson added. “Even without a big budget, don’t be afraid to reach out to influencers who are still developing and who like to highlight brands like yours and offer them a discount code to share with their audience. You’d be surprised how many of them would appreciate the connection to your Add an extra discount or gift card for them and you’ll get it! “


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