Redesign of the YouTube response section with quick response

The steady state of evolution from YouTube to Android (and mobile in general) continues unabated with a new test in the comments section, which includes a quick response option.

If you think back, you’ll remember a time when the comments section would be easily accessible on YouTube for mobile. Changes in positioning have given more importance to the additional video content, effectively hiding the comments section or at least making it harder to get into a discussion with the “smartest people on the Internet ™”.

A recent test discovered by Android Police shows that YouTube has started testing and modifying the comments section once again, with a possible quick response and the “Show All” options. For now, when you turn on YouTube on your device, you can expand the comments section by tapping the first comment below a video.

This YouTube A / B test shows a small text field that allows you to send a quick response or comment, while there is also a more important “View All” button to indicate that more comments can be seen. It’s much clearer, but a little messy compared to how YouTube currently displays the top or most recent comment.

What’s even more interesting, as AP also points out, YouTube is testing some other UIs for the mobile comments section. There are a few minor variations, all including the “View All” button, but some only have a quick-response text field. This could mean that any option that sees more compromise will cause it to be cut, but of course there is nothing certain at this stage.

Let us know in the comments section below if you see this user interface redesign or quick response feature in the YouTube app for Android on your device. What do you think? Would you be more likely to comment on a video?

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