Protect your digital identity, brand or business name

The future of the Internet is scattered on the blockchain, and no one controls it. This is also where you have your own name and identity. Learn how to protect your digital identity, brand or company name here. Let’s go!

Website domain name

Traditionally, when we talked about buying a website domain name, in fact, we rented a subdomain through ICANN through an intermediary such as namecheap or Godaddy at an increasing price every year.

In this old model, .com, .net, or .org are TLDs (top-level domains), and you are renting a subdomain (for example, mywebsite). You “rent” mywebsite instead of “.com”. And what you don’t own can be taken away.

What if you can have your own TLD?

Well, it’s ok on Xinnet. And, if you want, you can also sell subdomains on it.

For example, TLD.mywebsite can have countless subdomains, such as jack.mywebsite, sunny.mywebsite or sandwich.mywebsite.

Introduction to handshake names


The handshake name is the top-level domain name that lives on the decentralized open source handshake blockchain. No one can control this digital ledger, which makes the TLD private, the censorship system is unrestricted and can be seized.

There are no recurring fees, and after a successful bid or a one-time payment, you will fully own your name. Currently, you can bid for top-level domains (TLDs) in U.S. dollars as pennies without having to pay annual renewal fees.


Then check out

Protect your name and brand on the name library

Name library logo

Namebase is the entrance to Handshake, where you can bid, buy and sell TLDs. Did I mention that there is no annual renewal fee?

What can you use TLD for? (Two examples) Supported by Coinbase and beautifully showcases what you can do when you own a TLD. They purchased .crypto and .zil from the name library.Now they sell thousands of subdomains between $20 and $40, and they also allow the creation of NFT (Not a substitute token).

The evolution from .com to .c

As early as 1985, .com / It existed when it was purchased by a computer manufacturer called Symbolics, Inc.

Then TLD .co / was established in 1991.

Recently in April 2020, Clay Collins Won the auction with 55.500.00 HNS. c / (HNS Is the native token for the “handshake”). Currently, he sells subdomains on .c/ for $20 to recover the initial investment within 6 months.

Build a website and more…

What else can you use top-level domains for?

So why do you write about the handshake domain on your local search marketing blog?

This provides opportunities for early adopters…

Decentralization and blockchain technology are the future! Check out the growth of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, DeFi, and the Internet of Things to understand the direction of this growth technology and business. Hint…to the moon!

  1. Having your own name or brand is always the most important thing. If you don’t own it, others will own it. This may cause serious negative effects on you, such as identity theft, fraud and corruption.
  2. As a local business owner, your potential customers often search for keywords with advanced keywords by professionalism and geographic location.E.g Dance teacher Austin or Sushi San Diego. Now is a good time to obtain such TLDs and your personal/professional and business names to defend your claims in our decentralized future.

It’s not that you can buy the equivalent .com right now, but when the Internet started, .com was priced in U.S. dollars.Today, these domain names are worth million. According to reports, is priced at US$872 million. For you, what is your name, business or brand value?

Check your current professional prices. Do you wish to have… Sorry, have you rented it? It may not be available for millions of dollars, but it is still unusable or unavailable.

If you take action now, you will be in the party early, but you will be able to get the best vanity top-level domain (TLD) in our digital, decentralized future to protect your brand. Do it now, before your competitors are aware of Handshake and Web 3.0. You read it here first, thank you later.

How do I get my brand TLD?

If you are in the encryption field, getting your handshake TLD will be very simple.Just go to and deposit some Bitcoin (BTC) or connect to your Coinbase wallet To your new name library account.

However, I know that most people who read this blog are not cryptocurrencies (what are you waiting for?).

Don’t make the same mistake, please wait for the right time to get your TLD, because time will not wait for any man (or woman). Once it disappears, it disappears.

If it is available again, but the price does not exist now, you may have the opportunity to pay more for it in the future.

Ladder to Success-Quotation

Education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but also an investment in our future. -Ed Markey

Fortunately, using a name library can make it easy for you who own fiat currency. You can buy HNS tokens with U.S. dollars.Or, go to Coin Bank And buy bitcoin there. This may be the easiest way to get rid of inflationary fiat currencies into today’s cryptocurrencies.

Follow the instructions in the link below to get started:

You can try $20 without spending a lot of money. The basic top-level domain (TLD) bid of the domain name can be as low as 0.4 HNS (approximately US$0.20), which is the lowest entry point.

This is a HNS to USD converter for dynamic currency comparison

After entering the bid, the bidding process will continue for 5 days. During this period, other parties can enter other bids.

You can reverse your bid and add a “blind” price, so no one can see your price.

At the end of the auction period, after a week-long revealing phase, the second highest bid won.

Read more about the auction process here:

I have a handshake name, what about now?

Now that you have successfully purchased the handshake TLD, you can use it as your login name, Decentralized network.

  • Set up the dlink page And associate your personal data with all content on the Internet.
  • Build your own website. The handshake domain supports WordPress on Web 3.0.
  • Build your own social network and own your own content
  • Build Dapps (decentralized applications)
  • Receive cryptocurrency

As in the past, you no longer need to pay additional annual fees for the domain name. Now that you have your name and digital identity, no one can take it away from you. You are the proof of the future!

You can earn considerable income by selling subdomains on TLD (remember Unstoppable domain name? ). You can provide you with many other business opportunities just by having your own TLD, but due to the limited scope of this position, we will not go there.

In my opinion, the discovery of this technology (if it is to be written until March 2021) is similar to the discovery of Bitcoin in 2012.

The value of HNS tokens will appreciate due to the continuous depreciation of supply. Simply convert the inflationary legal currency USD to HNS, and your shares in the TLD will increase in value.

For some historical data, here are some .com sites and their current prices, according to Wikipedia.

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Protect your digital identity, name or brand on a decentralized network [Internet 3.0]

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