Precipitation below 100 mm, then flooding, wrong provincial government

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan say if flood happened in the capital due to rainfall of less than 100 millimeters (mm) per day, it was the fault of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov).

This was conveyed by Anies at the 47th Mohammad Husni Thamrin Journalism Award in 2021 at the DKI City Hall, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (25/8). Initially, Anies expressed the hope that the media will remain objective in reporting. He didn’t even ask to be praised.

“We hope that the media will become a hub of information and objectivity. We do not ask to be praised and we do not ask to avoid criticism. We hope that objectivity is maintained,” he said.

Anies then gave an example when Jakarta was flooded by extreme rainfall early last year. Not only in Jakarta, but extreme rainfall has also led to flooding in a number of areas in Indonesia.

But when it happened, he said no one questioned the rainfall.

“When there is extreme rainfall, the first question we have to answer is how much rainfall. When there is an earthquake, we always ask what the Richter scale is, but when there is rain, we don’t ask how many millimeters of rain it is,” said Aniek.

Anies said that if an earthquake with a magnitude of more than 9 on the Richter scale were to occur, the destruction of buildings would be a natural thing. However, if the earthquake is only 2 on the Richter scale and the building is destroyed, then there is something wrong with the building process.

He also compared it with the drainage system in Jakarta, which cannot collect water during extreme rainfall.

“As well as (with) the installed drainage system, there is a water storage capacity. We underline our employees that Jakarta has a handle, if it rains less than 100 mm per day and floods, it is the fault of the province. But if it rains above 150 mm, yes, our drainage system cannot be accommodated,” he said

Moreover, despite the extreme rainfall from the floods early last year, he claimed that the water that flooded some areas was rapidly receding.

“You can check, the flooding in February last year Jakarta in 1 day all floods dry. Why? Pumped up by all the available personnel. Fire trucks, park water sprinklers, they were all used to get water from places where there was flooding.” he said.

On several occasions, Anies said Jakarta would be flooded if the rain exceeded 100 millimeters per day. This is because the drainage system in Jakarta is only designed to collect rain from 50 to 100 mm/day.

With such conditions, it is not surprising that several points in Jakarta are still flooded with water as the current precipitation capacity is more than 100 millimeters per day. In fact, Anies said, some points in Jakarta have rainfall in excess of 150mm/day or extreme rainfall.

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