Precautions for website optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) (sometimes called website optimization or keyword optimization) is an established part of the digital marketing field. Although some people have criticized the strategy for slow implementation, it can often be attributed to the company’s impatience and misunderstanding of how marketing techniques work. That being said, if SEO is executed correctly, it can have a major positive long-term impact on your business.

So, what do you need to pay attention to when launching a new SEO project on a digital marketing platform?Well, here are some precautions we do to ensure your work SEO Agency The strategy is implemented smoothly!

Don’t post related content

Relevance is one of the fundamental pillars of SEO and digital marketing. It is an important part of Google’s algorithm (constantly updated), so determining that the content you write and publish through the website is relevant to your topic is essential for long-term success. Think about it this way: your blog needs to contain topics, content, and themes that really resonate with your readership, products and services, and the company’s overall philosophy and business model. This also means that you need to participate in new ideas and fresh content, which can sometimes be challenging. If you are at a loss, you can use a lot of resources to generate blogs and update new ideas. Check out what your competitors are writing, or check the latest trends on Twitter, because this is usually a reliable portal for hot topics at the time!

Don’t engage in keyword stuffing

SEO marketers often make keyword stuffing errors when designing new content and building new websites. Sometimes, keyword stuffing is considered a form of “spam mashup” in which the content in this technology is overloaded with one keyword or multiple keyword phrases to reduce page ranking according to Google’s algorithm. However, Google’s algorithm punishes sites that try to do this, so you’d better follow the rules and improve your ranking organically (even if it takes longer).

Therefore, when producing content, we recommend using a team of qualified ghostwriters (or outsource if you can’t afford it internally), who can proofread the copy and make sure it’s not stolen or “stuffed with keywords.” Be aware that similar phrases or potential overlaps with other technical terms can lead to unintentional keyword stuffing. For example, for the phrase “digital marketing services,” you should only try to use the word “service” when using keywords, so make sure you don’t repeat the word excessively throughout your work.

Be sure to make the metadata description accurate

Metadata description refers to HTML elements, which outline the content of the page. Not sure what “metadata description” is? You know what is displayed under the title of each entry. This is to help users, and more importantly, to help search engines (ranking your page). The metadata description should not only be accurate for each page, but it should also include keyword phrases. When users search for a specific phrase or topic, the keywords will be displayed in bold, which helps encourage users to click on other links.

If you can’t find the metadata description for a particular site, right-click the web page link, and then click View Page Source or View Source. These instructions can be up to 275 characters in length, so you are forced to convey your message with a sense of urgency and instant appeal. Remember to include keywords, keep it simple, and don’t type too many characters!

Don’t ignore negative comments

For small and medium enterprises (referring to most private enterprises), ignoring negative reviews can be chilling. Whether they are right or wrong, you need to respond publicly. If you have a Google review page or internal review system on your domain, you should respond to all negative reviews as soon as possible. In fact, you should also respond to positive comments/comments; however, the response does not have to be that broad. A simple and polite thank you and encourage you to return/become a loyal member is enough.

Going back to negative comments, there is a reason why it is important to deal with them quickly and publicly. From a temporary, anticipated purchase perspective, negative reviews (without context) may prevent the buyer from choosing you as their provider/seller. Responding to complaints is your way to provide the background of the problem, and at the same time to show potential customers that you, as a business, are willing to go beyond and exceed to improve customer satisfaction. If you think the comment is false, please ask some follow-up questions, such as “When did you visit us?” and “How can we solve this problem for you?”.

Be sure to expand your keywords to include synonyms and location

No matter which industry you are in, keyword synonyms will greatly expand your target market and overall foundation. For example, if you conduct medical activities in a specific area, make sure you also target the surrounding suburbs (because you may have customers from those areas). Therefore, please make sure to tailor your keywords to suit the neighborhood, such as “Winston Hills (Winston Hills) GP”, “Baulkham Hills (Baulkham Hills) GP” Or “Toongabbie’s GP”.

Likewise, it’s important to look at the variety of keywords. Using the same example as before, some users may not use the phrase “medical practice” when searching for GP. When seeking medical help, they may use “local doctor”, “general practitioner” or more specialized terms. These are the things you need to pay attention to when building a website and enhancing its SEO features.

Don’t ignore the experts

It is strongly recommended that you work with a reliable and well-received digital marketing company in terms of SEO. While it may be attractive in terms of saving money and internalizing the SEO process, it may and will take a long time to see results. This can be very frustrating, especially if it takes too much time and distracts from your core business activities.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you work hard to contact SEO professional companies for help. You don’t have to outsource every part of the process to them; however, copywriting and keyword research can take up a lot of time throughout the day. Therefore, you should at least consider outsourcing these functions to a team of experts with knowledge of your industry and SEO domain. At the same time, don’t make any assumptions about SEO and how it works-if you want to make major changes to your project, please discuss it with an expert before proceeding!

Be sure to link to a high-quality website

Although it may sound counterintuitive, linking to high-quality websites is an effective way to increase website traffic. For example, linking to high-domain news sources such as Forbes, Huffington Post, or The New York Times can add a sense of credibility that can lead to higher rankings in your blog. However, your link must be authentic and related to your content; otherwise, the link will appear to be forced to be sent as spam. On the other hand, you should not share links with other companies (link to their site here, and then link back to your site), because this exchange will be punished when detected by the algorithm.

Don’t ignore social media

Another aspect of SEO that you can’t ignore is social media. In the past decade, social media has become an important part of digital marketing for a variety of reasons. For example, social media can help marketers learn more about their customer base and help them post relevant content that customers can see immediately. You can also distribute promotional materials here in a pleasant way! Indeed, ignoring social media would be a serious mistake, because most industries have at least some form of social media.

In this way, you must constantly update your profile, share new information about your business, and find ways to interact with your target market. Trying this through social media is also one of the most cost-effective methods, because there are basically no setup costs-all you pay for is professional services.

Do not add pictures to your content (but not too many!)

Plain text posts are still useful. However, they can be tedious and annoying. Although high-quality images can significantly improve the visual beauty of a web page, they underestimate the value of SEO. In terms of aesthetics, ideas can help break up content into smaller pieces, which are ultimately easier to read and understand. However, like text, these images must be related to what you are writing, not just placed inside the body for visual purposes.

On the other hand, images bring a lot of SEO value to web pages. For example, users may be searching for images related to their keyword search, which may lead them to your original image. How does this work? Well, you need to make sure that the “alt tags” of the images contain keywords, and the movie name is related to the content and keywords. Although these revisions may seem accidental, they can have a significant impact on the SEO value of your website. You don’t have to be a photographer to get beautiful images, because there are many fantastic areas where you can get free images.

Don’t hyperlink

Do you know how we say linking to external websites is critical? Well, this is still the case; however, we should also mention that excessive linking to external sites may harm your SEO. how is it? Okay, Google has been penalizing certain websites for unnatural outbound links since 2016. In other words, before you decide to link to another external page for SEO purposes, please consider the following: first, is the link relevant, and second, will it work in the placement location? If you cannot answer “yes” to both questions, please consider unlinking.

At the same time, too many links will make the content appear “very spam”, because naturally there are only a few links per page. To the average user, the few links in each paragraph don’t look good, which can also make your content difficult to read. If you start to overload content via links, you may find that your bounce rate increases. Bounce rate refers to how many people (in percentage) navigate to your website and leave without participating in any activity (such as a drop-down menu or “read more” link). In essence, a higher bounce rate means that most users have no impression of some element (or aspects) of your website.

Your pages can be indexed on mobile devices

How often do people use their mobile phones to participate in e-commerce activities and services? The answer is simple: more and more every year. Ensuring that your webpage is mobile-friendly will encourage users to navigate to your website via mobile phones. At the same time, Google prefers mobile-friendly websites, which means that you can improve your relative rankings by reducing your website to be mobile-sensitive. How do you put it into practice? Well, please contact the technicians and experts in this field, because they can audit your site and work on building a mobile indexing function. Simply put; you need links and buttons so that they can be easily used when someone browses your website on a mobile phone.

Don’t be impatient or anxious

As a final warning, you must be patient while coordinating the SEO process. The process may see quick results. However, the convention recommends that it take weeks or even months to see measurable results. SEO focuses on generating organic traffic to your website, while other options (such as pay-per-click (PPC)) rely on sponsored content or paid advertising to generate traffic. If you want or need fast results, then SEO is not your ideal choice. However, if you are willing to respect this process and invest in reliable long-term digital marketing techniques, then you should definitely consider SEO for your business.

Remember the tips we outlined when meeting with experts and implementing projects!

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