Police break Eagles fans after a woman was caught in the barn for men’s room

Two Eagles fans went viral on Sunday after an apparent bathroom encounter that ended in the presence of police.

During the Eagles’ 21-18 victory in Carolina, a couple was caught on camera inside the same booth in a men’s bathroom at the Bank of America Stadium — where police beat the couple in front of a crowd of screaming fans.

A spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed the incident to The Post.

“CMPD officers were asked to respond to a toilet inside the Bank of America Stadium due to reports of a woman inside one of the stalls,” a CMPD spokesman said.

“After finding the man and woman involved, they were subsequently asked to leave the property to violate the Bank of America Stadium policy. There were no arrests associated with this incident. ”

The footage shows a police officer handcuffing while another officer was holding the woman’s wrist.

Eagles fans were escorted out by police after a woman found herself in a booth in the men’s room.

Fans crowded around and sang as the couple was escorted out of the bathroom. Several spectators were captured by the incident.

The couple was not identified by name.


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