Podcast statistics for 2021-graphs and data

Podcast statistics for 2021

podcast In the United States, with the proliferation of new podcasts, epidemics, and consumer adoption of “smart speakers” such as Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, this awareness and hearing continues to rise.

Podcast Statistics 2021

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Please note that this study surveyed Americans over 12 years of age.

78% of Americans are now familiar with podcasts

This is approximately 222 million people, and it has increased by 10 million in one year, an increase of 4.72%.

57% of Americans have listened to podcasts

This is an increase from 55% in 2020 and 51% in 2019. This suggests that about three-quarters of people familiar with podcasts have actually heard one.

Podcast listeners have grown 29.5% in 3 years

In 2018, 44% of Americans 12 years of age or older listened to podcasts, compared with 57% in 2021.

Percentage of Americans who have listened to podcasts: 2018-2021

41% of Americans listen to podcasts every month

In 2021, 116 million people listen to podcasts every month.

The number of listeners for monthly podcasts has grown by 61.5% in 3 years

In 2018, 26% of Americans over the age of 12 listened to podcasts every month, compared with 41% in 2021.

Percentage of Americans Listening to Podcasts Monthly: 2018-2021

Percentage of Americans Listening to Podcasts Monthly: 2018-2021

More than half of Americans aged 12 to 34 listen to podcasts every month

As of 2021, 56% of all Americans aged 12-34 listen to podcasts at least once a month, compared with 49% in 2020.

Among the elderly population, the number of monthly podcast listeners has grown the fastest

From 2020 to 2021, the percentage of Americans over 55 who listen to podcasts each month has increased by 18%. Currently, more than a quarter of American consumers over 55 listen to podcasts every month.

Every week, more Americans with Netflix accounts listen to podcasts than

In 2021, the number of weekly podcast listeners will reach 28%, or 80 million Americans.There are now more than 10 million listeners to podcasts every week 69 million The owner of a US Netflix account may indicate the beginning of the transition from video media to audio media.

The average watch time of weekly podcast listeners is 8 podcasts per week

In a week, podcast fans listen to an average of 8 podcasts. However, hardcore podcast devotees skew this average. Every week 40% of Podcast listeners consume 1-3 Podcasts per week, but 19% listen to 11 or more Podcasts! In general, compared with 2020, more listeners are listening to more podcasts every week, and in 2020, the listening rate of only 1-3 podcasts per week is 51%.

Now, nearly a quarter of Americans have “smart speakers” at home

Under the leadership of Amazon, the ownership of smart speakers has grown significantly. From 2020 to 2021, the overall ownership of smart speakers has increased by 22%. The increase in smart speakers provides owners with more opportunities to listen to podcasts at home. As the pandemic continues, sales of home entertainment devices such as smart speakers have increased over last year.

In the United States, podcasting has become a powerful form of media, the number of listeners of all ages is increasing, and the diversity of listeners is also increasing. Due to the need to entertain at home during the pandemic, listeners are also consuming more podcasts than ever before. Nevertheless, podcasts have become an important part of today’s media.

Podcast listening volume continues to soar. These 2021 podcast statistics show that, at least in terms of consumption, we have not yet reached the “peak podcast.”Please download all Infinite dial From Edison Research and Triton Digital, because there are more statistics and graphs worthy of your attention.

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