Pinterest rose to 478 million users, announcing a big revenue score for Q1

Pinterest shared its latest performance update, showing steady growth in both user and revenue as the platform continues its efforts to maximize its business opportunities across multiple regions.

First, for users – Pinterest now has up to 478 million monthly assets, an increase of 30% over last year.

Which is a good result, but as you can see, the momentum of the platform’s growth has slowed what it saw during 2020.

That is, in a way, expected. The sudden increase in focus on eCommerce saw that Pinterest benefited from a significant increase as it replaced regular shopping mall visits for shopping, providing a link to a wide range of craft products tailored to users ’interests. With the reopening of physical stories, it seems likely that Pinterest will lose at least part of that momentum, and growth of 30% over the previous year is still significant. Only what Pinterest saw has been slightly reduced, which could affect market perception.

Despite this, 478 million MAU is a huge amount. This puts the use of Pinterest more than Twitter,, LinkedIn and Reddit, with probably only TikTok and Facebook / Instagram currently defeated (although a direct comparison is difficult given that each platform now reports different usage data).

However, Pinterest is not a social network, as it is repeatedly said, with the real focus of the application on product discovery. And that focus should ideally be reflected in his average revenue according to user statistics.

Pinterest Q1 2021

As you can see here, Pinterest’s ARPU statistics continued to grow in 2020, up 34% from the same period last year. There is still a way to maximize its international audience here, but figures show the platform is improving and has plenty of room to expand as it branches out to new regions with its more advanced in-stream product matching and purchasing opportunities.

Pinterest notes that its international business “grew very fast during the first quarter and for the first time amounted to almost 20% of total revenue.” Pinterest launched ads in Brazil during that period, and plans to expand to more Latin American countries this year.

In terms of total revenue, Pinterest reported a 78% increase over last year to $ 485 million, largely due to “increased demand from medium and managed small advertisers” as well as expansion into international markets.

Pinterest Q1 2021

That is a strong result, emphasizing the constant development of Pinterest as a key trading platform.

Pinterest indeed says that the number of Pinners dealing in retail space on the platform increased by more than 200% in the 12 months ended March 31, 2021, while at the end of Q1 product searches increased more than 20 times year-over-year.

Again, this largely reflects the wider shift in e-commerce, but Pinterest says early data from the U.S., which is slowly emerging from the pandemic, has been positive for its continued spread.

“Based on what we recently observed in the U.S., we believe that engagement in post-COVID purchases could be more resilient than total engagement. It is not enough for Pinners to find inspiring products and services on our platform. We must make it easier for them to purchase as well. products that bring their dreams to life. To that end, we plan to begin testing flawless transactions on the platform later this year. “

This is really the next stage for Pinterest – the transition from a social platform / shopping experience to a fully developed e-commerce discovery platform. It is already well on its way in this regard, but improved, integrated purchasing experiences will further enhance the process, while Pinterest is also working to simplify its boarding processes for retailers, to make it as easy as possible for people to download the product catalog and turn their lists into product pins, which can make it easier to buy in a stream.

On this, Pinterest expanded their own partnership with Shopify in 27 new countries just last week.

Pinterest Shopify

This expansion points to even more opportunities for the platform, which through its net scope should be able to maintain momentum of growth, even if there is a slowdown in e-commerce activity after the pandemic.

Which, it is worth noting, is not over yet and for some time could have a significant impact on shopping in many regions.

Overall, this is a strong result for a platform that still feels like an underrated resource and that many social media marketers overlook. If you’re not familiar with the emerging world of Pins and the potential for your brand, it’s worth taking a moment to search the app and check out what other brands are doing – and consider whether it might be worth investigating for your business.

You can view the full Pinterest overview of results for the first quarter of 2021 here.

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