Marketing automation technology for revenue and growth

The overall goal of the company is growth. Fortunately, the advent of automation technologies has made companies more efficient – measurable growth is very achievable.

However, it is the job of marketers to drive this revenue and business growth through technology and automation. Over the years, more and more companies have realized this and integrated marketing automation into their strategy.

The main reason why companies lose revenue through automation of marketing is that they do not understand its endless possibilities. Companies that achieve a Conversion growth 77% thanks to Invespcro, for growing lead through marketing automation. And 91% of marketers agree that automation is essential to the success of their business in a variety of marketing channels.

Have you already sold how marketing automation can improve your processes and generate more revenue for your business?

If not, we’ll share it with you in this article.

Own channel strategy and orchestration

In recent years, many companies have changed their strategies to make the customer experience a priority. This is because, as a result of a customer’s good or bad experience, it is usually shared on close or other social media platforms.

Referrals from friends, family and colleagues are the most reliable way to advertise. To ensure such referrals, companies need to provide an exceptional customer experience, and the best way to do that is to organize own channel strategy.

Omnikakanal’s experience is to create a personalized customer journey across the channels. Many companies combine multiple channels – such as a brick and social media page – but the channels often operate separately. The goal is to create a smooth way for customers to continue in one channel where they left off.

To do this, you need to understand how your sales leads and customers interact with your different points of contact and what their needs and hotspots are. Marketers need to focus on personalized travel planning and using orchestration predict the activities and needs of potential customers; Technologies such as artificial intelligence and marketing automation can help.

You can use automation add chat robots automates customer service satisfaction surveys and route support tickets based on priority to its website, which provides quick and informed responses.

Smooth conversation between channels ultimately maximizes your revenue. The happier your customers are, the more they will defend your brand and the more sales leads you will get.

Hyper-targeting: Getting the right customers

Hyper-targeting allows marketers to deliver the most relevant custom messages and promote them in places where their ideal audiences can see. Used properly, it can transform a business, increasing both revenue and business growth.

But how do you know where to advertise?

That’s where technology comes in. Artificial intelligence can collect data from customers and users, which allows marketers to analyze behavior and identify nuances, such as which payment methods and channels have the highest success rates among their target audience. This data informs the marketer’s efforts to make the messages more precise and concise and to strengthen the brand. Marketers can also use it to influence the advertising platform on different platforms.

Operational efficiency through automation

The National Association of Sales Professionals refers to data entry as one of the wasteers of time for those who are for sale. The truth is that performing too many individual manual tasks not only results in wasted time, but also in countless transactions.

Marketers can increase revenue and business growth with marketing automation technologies. These tools increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams.

There are many benefits to automating the process:

  • Reducing the number of transactions lost due to non-compliance with the outlook in a timely manner
  • Recover lost time from recurring actions (e.g. manually adding sales leads to CRM)
  • Update CRM contact information for each email marketing campaign, website, or social media post that a customer interacts with
  • Move contacts as they move back and forth in the sales process, depending on their activity

Process automation allows your team to focus their efforts and focus on developing new strategies that reach a larger audience and attract new customers.

Automated reporting for greater visibility

Identifying vulnerabilities in this process once does not mean that the task is over. Few companies have maximized their revenues, keeping only the current situation. Continuous evaluation and review is needed to find a successful strategy.

Marketers can increase revenue and business growth by giving teams visibility through technology-enhanced reporting. Many marketing automation tools can generate daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly reports for your evaluation, saving your business countless hours searching for and compiling data.

With these detailed data reports, you can get valuable information about what’s working and where you need to make further improvements to increase your conversion rates.

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