Long-term brand relationship survey, rising digital advertising spend, ad congestion survey, and Google’s new review tools

Instagram announces that draft songs are coming soon
Facebook-owned Instagram brings out a new scheduling opportunity that offers beneficial changes for digital marketers who use the local Instagram story interface, the company recently announced. Social media today

B2B key data from the CMO survey
51.3 percent of B2B marketers said they were more optimistic in January 2021 than in the fourth quarter of 2020, while 77 percent said it was not appropriate for their brand to take a stand on politically charged issues – two of the many interesting findings for digital marketers in the new CMO survey data. B2B marketing guidelines

Research: Ad congestion can put trademarks at greater risk than messages near inappropriate content
About 52 percent of U.S. consumers believe that, according to recently published survey data, the main reason for negative brand awareness is to exceed advertising. Marketing diving

Google My Business Publish Tool to manage your reviews
Google has introduced a new feature for its Google My Business service that allows marketers to conveniently track the status of multiple specific revocation requests, a search giant recently announced. Search engine land

30 second video ads taken over
Approximately 4 out of five digital video ad impressions consist of a 30-second format, leaving the previous 15-second format as the most widely used video ad length, while recent data show that the average time spent watching video ads is mostly stable survey data. Marketing tables

Zenith forecasts that telecommunication advertising costs will increase by 4% annually by 2023
Nearly half of the $ 17.8 billion in advertising spending by the telecommunications industry in 2020 went digital – the only channel where telecommunications advertising spending is rising – according to recently released forecasts of interest to online marketers. MediaPost

2021 March 26 Statistics image

4Report: Agencies in distress
Advertising agency customer engagement has risen by about 90 percent over the past year as the pandemic spurred the growing use of online collaboration tools, one of the most recently discovered findings for digital marketers, according to a study by the American Association of Advertising Agencies. MediaPost

Digital Big Three now accounts for the bulk of U.S. advertising spending
For the first time, Google, Facebook and Amazon attracted the majority of advertising spending to the US in 2020, with the so-called triopoly’s advertising revenue reaching more than $ 115 billion, according to recently published analysis. MediaPost

Advertisers are podcast listeners and new report discoveries that make them make ad buyers as well
56 percent of advertisers say the global health crisis has given increasing importance to podcast advertising, with a third of advertisers saying podcasts give better branding scores – two of the many statistics for digital marketers in a recently published podcast report. Inside the radio

How should brands build better long-term relationships with customers?
Only 17 percent of older marketers say their companies monitor customer lifetime value (LTV), while 62 percent hope to improve LTV through the development of a unified customer view, according to a recent report by the CMO and Deloitte. Understanding emotional leaders and implementing a brand allows the study to rank high. Marketing tables


2021 March 26 Marketoonist cartoon

A cordial look “Inventing Marketing 4Ps” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne – Marketoonist

March Adness 2021: Vote for Best Advertiser of the Year in Adweek Annual Brackets – Week


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