LocalMailbag: What are the key elements of the high conversion rate local contact us page?

Many companies see their contact page as a place to put ordinary old contact forms or addresses, but it needs more than that! If you pay due attention to this humble page, the rewards will bring great rewards to your business, win more customers, and regularly bring high-quality potential customers.

This is an absolute prerequisite for a successful contact page, and it can actually convert website visitors into paying customers.

  1. Business contact information
  2. Trust factor and social proof
  3. Rich content in specific locations
  4. Page optimization

Including core business information is also helpful Strengthen trust and build relevance This is true in both Google and Bing, because it sends a signal to these search engines that your business is legal and legitimate.

Include a simple contact form with a call to action (using the same CTA throughout the page) that can be connected to the main/customer service inbox, and don’t forget to set up form conversion tracking. Avoid spam by including ReCAPTCHA, using plugins, double opt-in forms, and formatting email addresses so that bots cannot read it, as shown below: Hello (at) domain (dot) com.

Keep in mind that customers may wish to use other contact methods to contact you. By providing your phone number and contact information, people can easily contact you as they wish.

Integrate trust factors and social proof

Consumers are smart. They want to know what happens on the other side of handing over emails, entering credit card information, or picking up the phone!

Establish clear expectations
When customers contact you, please be clear about their expectations:

  • How long is the response time? 24 hours? 2 working days?
  • Let visitors know what the next step is and what to expect from the team.
  • Share about your team, your location, and any other details that make you unique.

Show off your achievements and associations
Include any business associations or local chambers of commerce to which you belong, any awards your business has received, or any mentions in the press, and make sure to link to relevant articles or websites. If you have received a lot of attention in the press and have been mentioned a lot, please introduce this in the entire chapter.

Show off your experience and qualifications:

  • You are a member of local and national industry associations
  • Local Chamber of Commerce or Business Group
  • Professional groups and associations
  • Gathering group
  • Neighborhood Association
  • Better Business Bureau Rating

Combine reviews and recommendations
Embed comments from other sites and include recommendations on your contact page to build trust. If possible, please include your customer’s name, city name, photo, and link to their website or directly to a third-party review site. Make sure to include your overall rating and total evaluation, and remember that customers don’t want your business to be a perfect 5-star.The probability of peak purchase period is Star 4 – 4.7, And then decrease as the level approaches 5 stars.

Social proof is a powerful way to show off other customer experiences and why visitors to this site should choose your business.Not only can you Customer reviews can help you build trust and assist in conversion, Including comments, will add local and relevant unique content on the page, which is a win-win!

Include location-specific content

Create content that quotes local information, accurately describing your business, where it is located, and why potential customers should choose you.

Here are some thoughts on local content:

  • Share information and photos of your team.
  • Share images and photos of your business and location.
  • Introduce visitors to the customers you serve and your area of ​​expertise, and expand your unique sales proposition.
  • If you are in a popular community or area, please mention it in your content.
  • Does your company provide any guarantees or a price matching policy?
  • Add details about any upcoming events, volunteer efforts or meaningful partnerships.
  • Include some of your most frequently asked questions (FAQ). You can even use this section to answer common objections to your business as another sales opportunity!
  • If your company provides services outside of your area or a specific area, please list the areas where you serve, including where you provide services elsewhere.

Page optimization

Optimized title tag

The title tag is Is essential to your ability to rank locally Your target terms. We recommend that you use the following format:

Popular keywords + cities | Your company name | List of local communities/regions

Contrary to popular belief, the title tag does not have to be kept within 60 characters. Although searchers will not be able to read text that exceeds the recommended desktop character limit (approximately 60), the display of that text will still affect your ranking. Joel Headley of Patient Pop We have done extensive research on this and suggest adding regions (community names in your area and names of smaller regions) to the title tag to help rank.

“This is not expanding the scope of your search, this is not what we are doing here, what we are trying to do is, by using more content that you already have in this area, make your page match the search terms that already exist The words are more relevant and should be ranked.” Joel Headley (Local Search Summit 2020)

This is an Quick and easy way to identify location When you don’t have permission to access Google’s API:

  1. Search for postal codes in Google Maps based on your business location.
  2. Search the area to identify surrounding locations. On the map, zoom out to identify larger areas and communities.
  3. Add the region to your title tag (your updated title tag will include new and duplicate regions).

Meta description
Include a short description on the contact page that covers the most important information, the best way to contact your company, and a short summary of your company. Write this for your customers. The meta description is not keyword sensitive, so please use it to provide as much information and help as possible.

Internal link
Make sure to link to other pages on the site as much as possible. This helps search engines understand the relevance, value and importance of other pages on the site.

external link
An external link to another website will not necessarily help you rank, but it can help Google understand the relationship between your company and another website. For example: if you are a construction company, please link to the informative page from the local regulations on the city website.

Include a clear call to action button
If you do all this work to make your contact page better, don’t forget that our goal is to convert visitors into customers! This means that you need to carefully consider the call to action throughout the page to achieve the same conversion goal: to connect with your business. If you use buttons, they will draw the viewer’s attention with sharp contrasting colors, and they will be easy to read on all devices in bold bold fonts.

Embed your Google My Business Map
Embed the map of your “Google My Business” listing directly on the page so that people can see your star rating, location on the map, and click for instructions. This further strengthens the connection between your website and the GMB profile to Google and establishes the trust of website visitors.For more information on how to do this, see This link.

Enhance your contact page with conversion elements

When creating or modifying your contact page, your goals should be:

  • Contact you easily,
  • Alleviate any concerns that visitors may have, and
  • Sell ​​them on your business!

While following SEO best practices, you should do all of these things, which will help your business succeed in local rankings.

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