Local consumer search behavior trends updated in February 2021

Since October 2020, Rio SEO has been analyzing anonymous Google My Business data from more than 200,000 locations throughout the United States, providing you with monthly trend reports that serve as benchmarks for local performance in seven different industries. In this blog post, we will take a deeper look at the local consumer search behavior trends that were proposed in February.

In February 2021, we found GMB indicator Including search view, search and click to perform various types of conversions.The only exception is Hotel industry, Where the recovery of search interest and the conversion action taken December 2020 Continue to rise rapidly. This is a welcome to the hotel industry, which reported a record low in 2020 occupancy rate and revenue per available room. According to STR.

It is important to note that the declining GMB indicator does not indicate a decline in interest in shopping at or otherwise patronizing local businesses. In fact, in the analysis of search metrics for the entire 2020 (in the forthcoming study), we found that the local search volume this year was higher than the previous year.

Coronavirus disease These factors have had a huge impact on local consumers’ demand for timely and accurate local business information, and this has been reflected in these monthly trends. Let’s explore how the local environment in February brought business in different verticals.

Business service

Interest in commercial services for most indicators declined slightly this month, similar to what we saw in January.

The number of phone clicks is an outlier and has increased slightly.Although the measurement indicators for commercial service brands have declined across the board, they are not as stringent as some other vertical industries, such as Financial Services And retail.

Business service

Financial Services

Interest in financial services picked up slightly in January, but fell sharply last month. Financial Services Brands continue to feel the lingering effects of COVID-19, and there has been a sharp drop in every indicator in February.

Financial Services

Sit down at the restaurant

Local marketing search and conversion metrics Sit down in the restaurant industry We saw a good start in early 2021, but there was a slight decline in February. As more and more sat-down restaurants can reopen, we expect that the industry will slowly recover over time.

Sit down at the restaurant

Quick service restaurant

Similar to local dining restaurants, fast-service restaurants will be full of challenges in terms of local marketing indicators in 2020.

By 2021, this will continue to be the case, continue to close, and Security Question. This industry does increase the number of phone clicks slightly, which shows that consumers are still interested in fast food options.

The search behavior trend of fast search restaurants in February


As we have seen in the GMB indicators for the first few months of 2021, interest in hotels continues to surge. Hotel industry Continue to see improvements in every local marketing indicator.



This Retail Continue to struggle in every local marketing metric, and this month’s decline is comparable to JanuaryNumber. Understandably, although this frustrates retailers, it seems to coincide with the long-standing post-holiday shopping habits.

Search behavior trends in the retail industry in February

health care

Although January is very promising in terms of local search metrics, Medical industry I saw a clear difference in February.

Except for the total number of views, almost all indicators showed a double-digit decline, which shows that consumers are still interested in finding more information about healthcare facilities. Even so, they may continue to use telemedicine options instead of visiting patients in person.

Search behavior trends February Healthcare

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