LIVE – 3rd dose for all, health pass: government announcements expected at 12 noon

8,500 classes closed in France on Thursdays

According to our information, 8,500 classes in France will be closed on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer had given the figure of 6,000 closed classes.

3rd dose: The Doctolib site already offers appointments for people over 18

While the health minister is due to outline the new vaccine measures as of 12:30 p.m., the medical appointment site Doctolib has already modified its appointment scheduling policy to anticipate and open it up to those over the age of 18.

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Efficacy, period of protection: what scientific studies say about the 3rd dose of vaccine

An Health Defense Council Wednesday, then a political party consultation and here is the decision taken this Thursday. While the epidemic of COVID-19 booming in the country, the government has chosen to extend the vaccine booster campaign, which started on September 1 among the oldest and most vulnerable.

This time, the “third” dose will be available to all adults five months after the second injection instead of the six months observed so far. That will be announced by Minister of Health Olivier Véran this Thursday at 12.30 pm.

What do we know about this booster dose? Its efficiency? His protection period after the injection? took a look at the scientific studies published on the matter.

Covid tests are on the rise again

The number of Covid-19 screening tests rose 40% last week to nearly 3 million, the increase is “particularly evident” in children and adolescents, according to figures released by the health ministry on Thursday.

A new wave of tests has begun: Just over 2.9 million were carried out in the week of Nov. 15, the Drees said in a statement, or 815,000 more than that of Nov. 8 — which included a public holiday, just like that of November 1, where a low was reached at 1.8 million.

The recovery has been spectacular among the under-16s, whose number of tests doubled to more than 730,000 last week – including just under 240,000 saliva PCR performed mainly in schools.

However, the trend is “for all age groups”, for the first time since October 15 and the end of the reimbursement of “comfort tests” for people who have not been fully vaccinated, with some exceptions (medical prescription, case of contact, recent positive test, contraindication indication for the vaccine). The government does not intend to reverse this measure, the effect of which is difficult to quantify.

Nearly 360,000 vaccine booster appointments made Wednesday on Doctolib

Deterioration of the health situation, prospect of opening the booster dose to everyone … so many factors that prompted the French to increase the number of appointments on Doctolib, on the eve of the announcements of Olivier Véran.

On Tuesday, November 24 alone, 359,975 appointments were made for the booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on the platform. A recording. The previous one was 213,400 and it had been seen the day before.

HAS recommends the booster for all adults, 5 months after the last injection

The High Authority of Health this Thursday advised the administration of:a booster dose for all adults 18 years of age and slightly shorter than the previous recommendation: 5 months after the last injection.

In an advisory issued just six days earlier, last Friday, the HAS recommended that the booster dose be given from the age of 40, 6 months after the last injection.

3rd dose for everyone, health card, school: what does the government announce

Wednesday at the end of the day, BFMTV announced the contents of the upcoming government announcements. One of the new measures that Olivier Véran will specify will therefore include the booster dose open to all adults, the time to receive this booster dose reduced to 5 months instead of 6, the validity of PCR tests reduced to 24 hours , but also a seven-month time limit to take a booster dose before the health pass expires.

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Press conference by Olivier Véran at 12.30 pm

Health Minister Olivier Véran will hold a press conference next Thursday at 12.30 pm in which he will explain the measures taken by the government to cope with the 5th wave of Covid-19. He will be accompanied by the Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon and the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer.

This press conference can be followed live on BFMTV.

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