Lebanon to square zero.. Hariri apologizes for forming government: Aoun said we can’t agree

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–Lebanese prime minister candidate Saad Hariri on Thursday apologized for the task of forming a government, after his second meeting within 24 hours with President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace .

Hariri said in a speech after meeting Aoun: “President Aoun’s position has not changed. It is clear that we cannot agree with His Excellency.”

Al-Hariri added that he suggested the Lebanese president give him time to think about the squad he presented to him, “and he said we can’t agree.”

Hariri explained: “We discussed the issue of government, and during the speech there were changes requested by the president that were considered essential in the stance I submitted. We discussed matters related to trust, and Obviously nothing has changed, and it seems we disagree with the president.”

Saad Hariri presented a cabinet lineup of 24 ministers to Aoun on Wednesday and publicly asked for a presidential response to the proposal on Thursday afternoon.

Hariri’s apology points to the continuation of the political deadlock the country has witnessed for nearly a year, punctuated by ongoing disputes between Hariri and Aoun, who has been in charge of forming the government since October.

The political crisis is adding to the frustrations of Lebanese citizens who took to the streets to protest deteriorating economic conditions and to demand responsibility for the explosion in the port of Beirut a year ago, which was blamed on the negligence of the government. government and killed more than 200 people.


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