Learn about best practices for ranking on Google

Whether you are a marketing, business owner, or think that you are born skilled in technology, you may have heard that the term SEO (search engine optimization) has become popular recently – and for good reason. When it comes to business success in the digital age, search engine rankings may be one of the most important factors.

What is search engine optimization?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. This is the practice of strategically planning the content and keywords on webpages and websites to help them rank on Google, thereby bringing organic traffic to the website or digital storefront. Modern SEO is not about deceiving search engine algorithms-it is the opposite: providing the exact content the user is searching for and satisfying the user.

Why is it important to you to learn it?

Whether you are running a business or a content creator, more website visitors usually means more revenue, whether through business opportunities, revenue or new customers. If you don’t understand proper SEO best practices, it’s almost impossible to become a top website on Google, and in the digital age, this can be a huge mistake for start-ups looking to attract new customers or the attention of customers.

Learning appropriate SEO best practices is also a great asset for anyone working in the digital field, regardless of your past experience or position. Over the years, the demand for SEO experts has skyrocketed, with some earning up to six figures, making it a very popular skill that can be confidently added to your resume.

What to pay attention to when choosing courses:

  • Course length: How long do you want to devote yourself to your studies? Would you rather learn from a bootcamp style course or from a slow and comprehensive course? The total duration of the course varies from a few hours to a few weeks, so please choose your course length accordingly.

  • Skills covered: What is your motivation for learning SEO? Do you want your local business WordPress page to rank? Do you want to learn general SEO skills to add a modern feel to your resume? Courses can range from general introductions to more in-depth niche topics that may not appeal to all learners.

  • Course type: Are you looking for something you can pick up and learn at any time in your free time, or do you want lecturers and classmates to discuss course materials with you? Certain courses foster a sense of community by providing connections with your lecturers and peers, which can be a huge help if you like group study.

Now that you understand why an SEO course is a great skill for anyone and what to look for when choosing a course, here are some of the top SEO online courses available. From university-level courses to quick and easy introductory courses, taking one of these expert-led courses may be the best way to boost your business or help you bring your resume into the digital age.

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