Lead Feeding Campaigns 6 Tips From A Small But Powerful Marketing Team

Everyone has their own story to tell when we think of the beginning of 2020. As marketers, we talk about the enormous role of digital technology and how it has affected our jobs and our businesses. Some of us had to find the fastest way to switch to digital bidding, and others had the difficult task of improving their business strategy.

As the global marketing manager for LiteracyPlanet, my small but agile team faced this situation. LiteracyPlanet is an online playful learning material designed to help school children of all ages and ages.

As families faced life and children began distance learning earlier this year, parents needed help, resources, and tools to lead. Accordingly UNESCO80% of children worldwide (1.37 billion students!) Studied at home last March due to school closure to control the spread of Covid19. And several surveys of parents showed that they felt stressed, burned out, and found it difficult to support their children at home. We saw how our product filled the necessary gap in the market. There the window opened and we had to jump through it. The goal of the Literacy Planet was to help closed families support their children’s learning.

Tip 1: Increase your ad if it’s useful

With cuts in marketing budgets heard around the world, social media and online advertising spending fell unexpectedly as locks began. Display costs on Facebook fell due to fewer advertisers, but more people spent time online. People clicked billions more Facebook ads in March than in September, according to data analyzed by Kepios. This meant that we could use lower advertising costs to raise awareness of our ads Marketo Engage solution.

Tip 2: Respond to customer needs

Customer behavior changed as a result of global events and we could help – something marketers need to do to support business continuity.

In order to do this well, we also had to develop and launch the right programs to capture leads, place them in relevant leads campaigns, and finally deliver them to the sale (at the right time). It’s a big job for a three-member marketing team, but we did it quickly and confidently with Marketo Engage. We acted quickly and effectively to develop a Facebook campaign that would attract a wide audience: parents, teachers and school leaders who wanted to keep students engaging and performing.

Tip 3: Always keep the sales alignment

We worked out our plan in one day, set it up at Marketo Engage the other day, and spent the third day conducting the tests. At the same time, we worked with our sales team to streamline the process and make sure they were ready for the influx of sales leads.

When sales leads clicked on ads and came to your site, they were evaluated based on their targeting source and the content they consumed. They were then added depending on the different feed streams where they were on the buyer’s journey. When a leader joined the LiteracyPlanet free trial order, the information gathered was used to identify whether they were a parent, school principal, or teacher. It also signaled their willingness to go on sale to create an account. All sales-quality sales leads are followed by a phone call and setup with free access.

Tip 4. Use the Net Promoter Score when working in large numbers

The confidence ad score identified that the sales team could use their time most efficiently when a sales lead is ready to convert. When a sales lead reaches a certain score threshold, their representatives are automatically notified due to the integration of our Marketo Engage with their Salesforce CRM. Through this integration, we can track customer engagement and use special management campaigns to deliver the right content when they are on board with LiteracyPlanet.

Tip 5: Adopt your leading maintenance campaigns to help customers before, during and after the sale

A new phase in leadership development is that innovative users can take advantage of LiteracyPlanet’s gamed activities, tools, and resources. The e-mails provide guidance and instructions to the platform, explaining how it can support English literacy schools for children of all ages, language skills and levels of education. This reduces clutter at the end of the free trial period, giving teachers the confidence to make the program fully operational, while providing parents with relief and support for their children if closures continue.

Tip 6: Continue to monitor and adjust

Our marketing maturity has given us an advantage over other online learning platforms: although we operate as a small team, we compete at a higher level due to our ability to assess our customers’ needs and changing behavior. As the pandemic continues, we understand that these needs are changing, so we monitor customer needs and changing market conditions: from what channels to target, what content best helps parents and schools, to customization of our leading maintenance campaigns.

The result of hard work and agility

As a result of our efforts, we have maximized the reduction in advertising costs by up to 96% to attract and convert a large number of sales leads and target marketing to the needs of customers who are focused on helping children around the world. In April this year, we more than tripled our progress towards our goal. And in our home market of Australia, we achieved 150% of our revenue target. Much of this would not have been possible without the right processes, trust between teams and the technology to help implement our strategy.

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