Keith Jennings influences change

We rarely think of ourselves as an army made up of an army, and we often want to know how a person can achieve meaningful change. In this episode, we will show the impact that a person can really make. Not only in the company, but also in the world.

Keith Jennings, He decided early in his career to learn how to become a “marketing leader whose chief executive did not want to quit.” doing Valid period exist Ok.

In the past ten years, there has been a lot of discussion about narrative, which is a skill every marketer needs.However, marketers Really All that needs to be done is to embrace narrative skills.

As Keith explained, a story has a beginning and an end. This is a limited structure. This is a snapshot of the event. The story happened moment.

But the narrative never ends. It moves out from now, iterates, and then continues. The narrative takes place action.

The moon landing is a story. This is a good story, but it is still just a story. It has a beginning and an end.

However, space exploration is a narrative. It continues.

As we delved into the narrative-driven experience, we discussed John’s crazy socks, Support ninja Kelsey Nash The story of Bonobos and the way a good leader makes people Feel comfortable.

We also discussed how to incorporate “production failure” as part of a continuous innovation culture.

Keith left us with a poignant message about the struggle that everyone faces, and two different perspectives through which we can see people and… Well, you just need to listen to yourself.

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