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JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic Order New SAF Derived from CO2


Carbon technology company Air Company has introduced a new sustainable aviation fuel made from captured carbon dioxide, the company announced Thursday, and has secured purchase orders from airlines including JetBlue and Virgin Atlantic.

Those carriers and aviation company Boom Supersonic, among other firms, have agreed to purchase over 1 billion gallons of the fuel, dubbed Airmade SAF. The US Air Force is also a partner.

Air Company aims to enable “a circular process that has the potential to address over 1 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Using the same proprietary technology that mimics photosynthesis to create its consumer ethanol, [the] company has developed and deployed its single-step process for CO2-derived fuel production using renewable electricity.”

JetBlue’s commitment is for 25 million gallons over five years and is “in support of JetBlue Ventures’ direct capital investment into Air Company’s Series A funding round,” according to Air Company. Virgin Atlantic’s commitment is for up to 100 million gallons over 10 years.

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