It’s never too late to learn about Google business profiles

Actual SEO Media, Inc. emphasized the importance of how Google’s business data platform can increase the online visibility of local businesses.

Houston, November 25, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRNewswire/-As the donation season approaches, many companies are preparing goods for their physical locations and preparing their holiday services. In order to better prepare for the holidays, Actual SEO Media, Inc. emphasized the importance of using free platforms such as Google business profiles to maximize local search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Digital marketing: how local search engine optimization works

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is using methods or strategies to help companies improve the ranking of Google search results pages. These methods may include producing content to climb organically or using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to get more opportunities to appear on the homepage.

Local search engine optimization uses all of the above and focuses on the local area. It is a series of methods to optimize online marketing to increase the visibility of a company in its community. These methods can include participating in social media or managing comments and ratings.

One way to ensure that your business location is displayed on Google is to use a Google business profile.

Why is the business profile so important?

In 2021, 72% of users doing local searches visited stores within 5 miles of them. But how do they easily access this information? The Google Business Profile, recently called “Google My Business”, can help users view and find nearby businesses. Declaring or creating a list can help increase virtual and human traffic.

With Google business profiles, businesses can update business hours, addresses, phone numbers, pictures, and other necessary information. It also allows companies to showcase their services and establish connections with customers. Even if the company has not yet declared its listing, it is never too late.

As Melissa Gomez, The executive assistant of Actual SEO Inc. said: “Think about claiming that Google My Business List is a basis for building. Even at the end of the year, we are about to usher in the holiday, and you are still building next year’s data and statistics. So, it’s not “late “Start”, but “start early in the new year.”

Use Google Business Profile during the holidays

Companies with physical locations can take full advantage of the Google Enterprise Profile platform. Although it may be a bit late this year, companies can still see some improvement by setting up or optimizing to adapt to the season. As Melissa said, “Invest in all possible new opportunities.”

As the holidays approach, more and more people are searching for gift ideas on their mobile devices. In 2021, 18% of local smartphone searches led to purchases on the same day. Users are more likely to visit a Google business profile with correct information and added holiday photos, offers, and inventory.

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