Industry-specific core network important benchmarks

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Episode overview:

Join the host Ben to continue the Core Web Vitals week with Marcus Tober, the founder and chief evangelist of Searchmetrics. Together, they further discussed the core Web Vital metrics and studied the experience Marcus found.

Ben opens a conversation about Marcus’s ongoing research. Marcus conducted a study around Core Web Vitals and crawled millions of URLs so that he could create benchmarks before launching. Marcus studied the three main indicators in Core Web Vitals, LCP, FID and CLS. Each element of these metrics are other factors that Google considers when scoring domains.

One of the most important indicators of user experience is page speed. Marcus described the importance of page speed relative to Core Web Vitals. When users visit the page and the website is not loaded, they will jump out. Marcus treats this as the last conversation, and usually you won’t attract visitors. Prioritizing page speed and load time is critical to acquiring and retaining users.

The data Google uses for Core Web Vitals comes from the Chrome User Experience Report. The data in this field will be identified and used in the algorithm update. Both Marcus and Ben agree that not every industry and every country connects devices to Chrome or 5G networks. Please keep this in mind, it is important because your score may be slower than the benchmark test, this does not mean that you do not have a good user experience.

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