Hulus’ always amazing Black Friday discount is an even better deal in 2021

As close to free as you can get


Hulu, what seems to be the success of streaming services out there, always likes to pick up customers with a great Black Friday campaign every year. This year it’s better than ever.

So what can you watch on Hulu these days? As with any streaming service that prides itself on exclusive and original content, it tends to focus on acquiring and producing one-shot movies and documentaries. There’s also a good back catalog if you like “Deadpool” or “True Grit” and past and present series from the ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC families of networks, including “American Dad,” “Brooklyn Nine” Nine, “” Cheers “and” I Love Lucy. “

For at least the past four years, Hulu has been offering Black Friday subscribers a $ 2 / month discount. for one year for its ad-supported plan. For 2021, however, it has increased its ante and lowered prices further to just 99 cents a month for a year. Don’t worry if you’ve been a Hulu subscriber before – you just need to be away from the service for more than a month.


The offer is valid until Monday 29 November at 02.59 ET.

You’re probably looking for some family management tools this weekend. This little pick-me-up should be an easy ointment.

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