Huge crowd at the fair, hundreds of students queuing to get in. Verona …

Four events are scheduled

From today to Sunday, the Verona fair will host Job & Orienta, the orientation fair primarily dedicated to students. The large influx, combined with the simultaneity of other events (Oil Not Oil, Festival of Social Doctrine, Asfaltica) held at the fair, has led to queues and waiting outside the fair, as evidenced by the images sent to us by some readers. The police came to the scene to ensure a correct influx of children and teachers.

In the afternoon it is Veronafiere has issued a note in which some measures have been taken: “Following the reports of crowds this morning in the outskirts of the fair, partly caused by the procedure for verifying the green pass for access to the first day of JOB & Orienta, Veronafiere announces that it the security officer suspended from office of the fairground and to have all measures of the prevention protocol continued to be implemented”.

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