How to use Money Robot Submitter software

How to use Money Robot Submitter software

How to use Money Robot Submitter software

How to use the Money Robot submitter

Hi, everybody,

I want to teach you how to set up a Money bot submitter so that you can start creating backlinks on autopilot ?

Currency Robot Submitter Settings Tab-How to Use Currency Robot Submitter Software

Money Robot Agent

After you have Download software , The first thing you need to do is: Go to the “Settings” tab and activate the Money Robot agent (Never use the software without using the Moneyrobot agent or Vpn!)

Money robot verification code service

Currency Robot Verification Code Service-How to Use Currency Robot Submitter Software

Money Robot submitters can also choose to solve the verification code problem for free, but you can also use one of the other verification code services, as shown in the picture above.

How to set up a campaign in Money Robot software

To set up a campaign in the Money Robot software, just select “New Campaign” on the left side of the aforementioned “Settings” tab.

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Funding robot hidden function

There are some hidden features, you can unlock them by right-clicking on the content below the “Campaign” name column

How to set up camping in the money robot software

As shown in the image below, the hidden function is now visible ?

Setting up a currency robot campaign-how to use a currency robot

Now you can:

  • Insert picture
  • Insert video
  • Change blog title
  • Change blog address
  • Change the percentage of common keywords (What are general keywords)
  • Change the number of links inserted into the article

You can choose the link that best suits your needs to build a campaign, but you can also design a new campaign the way you like.

This can be done by clicking on the graph editor to the right of the Seo strategy option (see the image above).

After selecting/creating a suitable campaign, there are a few more steps:

  • Insert your URL
  • Insert the keywords you want to rank for

Now you can choose: Use MR article Builder to create unique articles, Or insert your own article.

After that, you can choose to insert an image or video, click “Start Campaign”, and let the currency robot software do its magic ?

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