How to use Amazon posts to promote your products

If you are serious about digital marketing, you may have spent thousands of dollars on tests, experiments, and seminars, only to find that you simply cannot reach your target audience.

That’s where Amazon Posts comes in.

What Amazon has done is more than just integrating social networks with online retail. Their “Postal” initiative reimagined the meaning of social media marketing, and it may just be an answer to some e-commerce sellers’ questions.

What are Amazon posts?

Amazon launches homepage

Amazon Posts is Amazon’s social media program designed to help shoppers find new products and interact with their favorite brands.

Essentially, this is Amazon’s Instagram. Posts allow brands to create and promote product-related content, linking directly to specific product listings. All your posts will appear in your brand’s feed.

Shoppers can see your content on product detail pages, related product feeds, and category-based feeds. Amazon offers brands and businesses the opportunity to market directly to their audiences within Amazon.

As a business owner or marketer looking to expand their social media marketing (SMM) strategy, Amazon Posts offers a unique approach to content. Brands can interact with users on the existing Amazon platform instead of creating content on the latest social media sites and linking to Amazon accounts. Promote sales And participate.

Attracting visits from shoppers who are already interacting with Amazon is part of what makes Amazon Post such an interesting marketing tool. This type of access can reduce friction, which is one of the most frustrating obstacles marketers have to overcome.

Why use Amazon Post to promote products

Platforms like Amazon and social media will continue to release new features. So, what are the benefits of investing in this new feature? Let’s take a look at why Amazon Post is so important to e-commerce brands.

Attract a wider audience

Amazon is the most popular buying app in the U.S., covering more than 150 million buyers per month. Amazon Post can help your brand connect (and convert!) these buyers. In addition, unlike advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Posts allows you to attract more buyers for free.

Do you provide a wider range of services for free? It’s hard to argue with it.

Reduce buyer friction

When we talk about friction in marketing and sales, we usually mean Potential problems and objections The customer encountered trouble throughout the process from potential sales to conversion.

This friction can become a thorny issue, because almost every decision a customer makes can cause them to fall into friction.

From a marketing perspective, your work is divided into two levels.The first layer involves from Customer journey As humane as possible. However, your business cannot eliminate every point of friction. Eventually, the customer will encounter a “yes/no” situation.

This is why the second layer of marketing involves creating enough marketing experience and content to get shoppers past friction points that you can’t eliminate.

Each marketing form has its own uniqueness Friction point, But Amazon Posts aims to solve the two biggest problems in marketing.

When your brand promotes its content on Amazon, you don’t have to ask shoppers to follow you to another site. They are already where they are needed! In addition, with Amazon’s advanced approach to simplifying the shopper experience, your brand can use its expertise to create an engaging customer journey.

Competitive product visibility

the term ‘competitor analysis‘It is often cited in digital marketing, and for good reason.

Your brand may not be the only choice for product X or service Y. Whether your brand has 10 competitors or 50 competitors, your brand’s first task is to stand out and connect with potential shoppers.

Savvy brands and business owners analyze the advertising channels used by competitors. How do they write their copy?How often do they Production content? Where are their ads shown?What are their keywords login page? These are the issues that drive critical analysis.

The reason why brands ask themselves these questions is simple. When you understand your competitors’ ideas, business methods and self-improvement, it becomes much easier to hijack their audience.

Amazon posts-related posts feature

Promoting your content through Amazon Post means that your products can be placed on the “Related Products” feed, so when shoppers are ready to shop, you can advertise directly to your competitors’ audience!

With more than 150 million monthly visits, your brand ignores the attention of bystanders and allows your competitors to dominate the Amazon Posts field.

Who should use Amazon Post to promote their products?

Obviously, there are many benefits to using Amazon Posts, but this still leaves us with a problem. How do you know if Amazon Posts is right for your brand?

You will not promote sports equipment on LinkedIn, nor will you promote professional SaaS business solutions on Snapchat. Every audience has a unique social media experience, and understanding how shoppers perceive the world is part of developing an effective marketing strategy.

The position of fashion brands on this platform is very superior. Promote high-quality images of your products next to competitors? For most fashion brands, this is a dream come true.

Nevertheless, there are many other brands that can take advantage of the Amazon Posts space. If your brand has a lot of relevant social media content, you will be able to retune it and promote it directly to Amazon shoppers.

However, before entering the Amazon Posts ecosystem, your brand should keep some considerations in mind.

Your brand must actively sell products on Amazon to qualify for this program. Fortunately, Amazon Posts is a free platform, which means you can legally compete with larger brands.

If your brand takes a lot of time to create High-quality imagesThis is an ideal method that can not only maximize its value, but also explore a unique form of consumer marketing.

How to create Amazon posts

Now that you have decided to start using it, it’s time to start creating posts. The process is relatively simple. First visit the official Amazon Posts website, and then log in with the advertising console or Seller Central credentials.

After this is done, you will create a profile by verifying the brand name and uploading an image of the brand logo, so that you can start creating posts on Amazon.

Each post has five key elements: brand name and logo, promotional images, “show product” button, title and tags. If you spend a lot of time promoting on Instagram, most of these elements will sound familiar, but the implementation of tags is a bit different on Amazon.

Amazon can automatically tag your post and automatically determine which feeds it will show on, instead of tagging it via the # tag on Instagram (which allows you to control where the post is displayed and its related content).

Tips for creating Amazon posts that successfully promote your products

Now that you know what Amazon Post is, let us talk about how to make them suitable for your brand. Here are three tips to make the most of this new feature.

Often posted

This is where SMM shine. Creating posts on Amazon is completely free! Instead of managing advertising budgets, your brand can focus on creating and sharing as much relevant content as possible.

It takes time to build relationships with shoppers, so the sooner you start, the better. To ensure that the content is updated regularly, please schedule your posts through the platform.With a scheduled post, you can Simplify your marketing efforts And continue to interact with your audience.

Daily publishing is a good starting point, but if you have a large backlog of content, please feel free to schedule more time. Remember to experiment here to make sure you don’t overwhelm the audience!

Content is still king

We have solved the “quantity” part, but it is also important that we also solve the “quality” part.

No one, and I mean no one likes spam. Don’t overload the audience like every possible picture, but think like an art curator.Your brand is made up of dozens or even hundreds of unique brands Content piece. Which works are exceptions? What kind of customers want to interact with specific content?

Well-crafted and great content is great, but it’s the meticulously crafted marketing experience that drives conversion. Use this platform as an opportunity to accurately explore the functions of your brand and content.

Monitor advertising campaigns and metrics

Some brands view marketing activities as a frantic sprint for publicity. Don’t get me wrong, traffic is absolutely important, but truly effective marketing is more than just visibility.

As a marketer, I don’t just want to be seen by others. I want to hear other people’s voices, and when my content does not bring transformation, I need to change something.

This is why monitoring your campaigns and metrics is so important. If you are new to Amazon Post, just starting to publish is not enough.You need to be sure Clear marketing goals, Campaign strategy and content plan.

Social media platform Keep changing, and understanding how these changes affect your campaign can make it easier to adapt and grow.

Examples of successful promotional Amazon posts

If you are worried about what kind of content to create or how to define a visual brand, get a page from an e-commerce store and let the product speak for itself.

Waikiki Provides a relatively small title, a good product, and some saturated tags. The image itself needs attention.

Amazon post-vikicon example

Eye-catching eye-catching visual effects are a powerful way to tell you the whole brand story without needing to say more. Sometimes, less is more.

Amazon Post-Kiwi Design Examples

Similarly, Kiwi design Understand the appeal of its products. The meaning of being lost in the virtual reality world is not only in computing power and frame rate. This is the shock and awe of being immersed in an immersive digital experience.

What is my favorite part about this picture? It can also sell you the value of the ceiling pulley system! If you want to get lost in the digital experience, the last thing you have to deal with is the cable trip.

in conclusion

Social media marketing It is essential to establish the relationship between consumers and sellers. Our ability to make connections in an honest and meaningful way directly affects the state of our business. Amazon Posts acts as a bridge between social media marketing and direct e-commerce experience.

Amazon Posts is interesting mainly because it reduces friction and integrates well with the Amazon platform.Having said that, some brands Dynamic visual content Very suitable for this environment.

If your brand falls into this category, please stop wasting time. Develop a strategy and see how you can make good connections with shoppers on Amazon Posts.

If you want to learn about other innovative ways to promote the development of e-commerce companies, Let our agents know. We can keep in touch with you and work with you to integrate custom digital marketing strategies.

Are you planning to use Amazon Post? What results do you want to see?

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