How to solve core network problems

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Join the host Ben and continue the discussion with Marcus Tober, the founder and chief evangelist of Searchmetrics. Together they discuss specific indicators and their relationship to industry benchmarks.

Marcus entered the industry-specific Core Web Vital benchmark. Marcus searched millions of domains and noticed similarities between each industry. Google did not group Core Web Vitals according to industry, nor did it inform each industry of its priorities. Marcus studied the correlation between companies with rich content on the page and companies with limited content. It’s always important to use industry averages when comparing your own pages rather than industries that are not your own.

SEO is a competitive game. You are not only competing in your own space, but also competing in others. The biggest gap in the industry is the B2B space and news. Many pages rank high in the B2B space because their pages load quickly. The loading time of news sites is slower because of higher LCP, FID and CLS scores. The total bytes of the B2B website is 3 MB, and the total bytes of the news website is 4 MB.

In a highly competitive environment, you cannot win other content, so you must win based on the performance of your website. This will tell Google that your website is faster and more user-friendly. For companies without competition, Core Web Vitals is not a priority for them, because they will be waiting for goods or services. It is important to understand your audience, industry, and website so that you know the priorities.

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