How to make a link tree for Instagram in 5 easy steps

If you’ve come here looking for instructions on how to create a link tree for Instagram, you probably already know that Instagram has pretty restrictive rules when it comes to sharing links.

The platform does not allow adding links to feed posts and Links “swipe up” in Stories they are only available to larger accounts. The was a section is the only place where all Instagram users can add a link. To be precise, one link.

Link trees allow you to make the most of this precious property. By creating a link tree for Instagram turn your one bio link into a hub, well, multiple links. And with multiple links, you can direct traffic exactly where you need it – be it your store, registration form, new content, or an important business update.

Keep reading detailed instructions on how to create a link tree for Instagram, as well as some inspirational examples of great link trees.

What is an Instagram link tree?

The Instagram link tree is a simple landing page that can be accessed from your Instagram resume and that includes several links. They can lead to your website, store, blog – or wherever you want.

Since most users access Instagram link trees from their mobile devices, link tree landing pages should be easy to navigate. Most simply have a few bold buttons.

Here is an example of an Instagram link tree from an account @meghantelpner.

Meghan Telpner website

Now that you know what a link tree is and why it pays off, it’s time to make it!

We will go two ways to build an Instagram link tree:

  1. Using, a specialized tool for building biological connections on Instagram.
  2. Create a custom landing page.

Let’s start!

How to create a link tree on Instagram with

Step 1: Create a free account

To go fill in your details.

link tree create account for free

Then check your inbox and follow the instructions in the confirmation email.

Step 2: Add links

Once you’ve verified your account, you’ll be able to access your dashboard.

Click purple Add a new link on the home screen to add the first link

add a new link

You’ll then be able to add a title, URL, and thumbnail to your link:

add a title URL and a thumbnail

You can upload your own image or select it from the Linktree icon library:

upload an image or select from the linktree icon library

And that’s it! Repeat the process until you have added all your links.

As you add links, you’ll see an overview of your link tree on the right side of the dashboard:

see the dashboard connection tree overview

Step 3: Organize your connections

Click on the purple lightning icon to add special links or headers. Headers will help you organize links by topic or purpose.

organize connections

You can move your links and headers at any time by clicking on the three vertical dots icon and dragging the element to a new location.

move links and headers by clicking on three points

Step 4: Customize the look of the link tree

With all the links in place, it’s time to make your link tree truly your.

To get started, go to the Appearance tab in the top menu.

adjust the appearance of the link tree

Here you can add a picture and a short description to your link tree page. You can also change the theme of your link tree. Several free options are available. Pro users can create their own custom themes.

add a picture and a short description

Step 5: Add your link tree to your Instagram Instagram

You are ready. Now that you’ve saved your custom link tree, it’s time to add it to your Instagram Instagram. Simply copy the URL from the upper right corner of the dashboard:

add link tree to Instagram bio

Then go to your Instagram account, click Edit profile and add the URL to Web page section.

edit the profile and add the URL to the website section

And that’s it! The link will appear in your biogram on Instagram.

link in Instagram bio

How to create your own link tree on Instagram

If you’re looking for more customization options or need access to detailed analytics, you can also create your own link tree. The process will be reduced to building a simple landing page that contains all the links you want to share with your followers.

Step 1: Create a landing page

Create a new page using your content management system – WordPress or your blogging platform. You can also use a dedicated landing page builder like Bounce.

Remember to add your Instagram biogram to the URL of your link tree, so keep it short and cute. Consider using your Instagram username or words like “hello,” “o,” or “learn more.”

Step 2: Design your page

When designing your site, keep in mind that followers will access it on a mobile device. Be simple and focus on making the connections stand out as much as possible.

Use a design tool like Canva to create attractive brand buttons for your connections. Keep them small to make sure they are displayed correctly on all phone screens. 500 × 100 pixels will work great:

design page on Canvi

To make the page more interesting, add a photo and a short welcome message.

Step 3: Add links to UTM parameters

Once you’ve arranged the buttons on your landing page, it’s time to add the links.

To easily monitor performance, add UTM parameters to your connections. This will help you access click information from your Google Analytics account.

Google is free Campaign URL Builder is a great tool for building UTM connections.

campaign URL builder

For more information, see our guide for using UTM parameters with social networks.

Step 4: Update your Instagram Instagram

When you’re done creating a new page, go back to your Instagram account and add the URL to the Website section of your profile.

That’s it!

3 examples of Instagram link trees

If you’re having trouble setting up a design for your link tree, look for these examples for inspiration.

1. malocrnokreativno

Link to bio:

Instagram link tree:

little black floor creative Instagram link tree

Why is it good:

  • The site is well designed. Fonts and colors reflect the identity of the brand.
  • It shows a real, smiling photo of the business owner and the brand name on top.
  • Contains links to important pages such as homepage, blog, prices, services, etc.

2. sarahanndesign

Link to bio:

Instagram link tree:

Sarah Ann Design Instagram tree link

Why is it good:

  • The page is divided into sections, which makes navigation easier.
  • Each section includes a picture, title, short description and a call button, creating an intuitive experience for visitors.
  • It features a brief introduction to website owners, helping to build trust with first-time visitors.

3. hybluchic

Link to bio:

Instagram link tree:

Bluchic link tree for Instagram

Why is it good:

  • It features a real photo of the business owner at the top, helping to build trust with the audience.
  • It contains many links without acting irresistibly (clean design!).
  • It also contains a blog section with featured images.

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