How to maintain your personal brand and relationships in a political minefield

To speak or not to talk about your political views via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or even Tik Toki … this is the question many business leaders and marketers ask today.

It is not news that our world economy, cultures and everyday life are in the midst of change. There is a lot to talk about, from global pandemics, social justice, elections, peaceful protests, unrest, rallies, candidacies to the highest courts to trade agreements.

Politics is not just about who wins the next election. It’s not as easy as posting a meme to Facebook with an opinion call and hoping you can shake your friends to vote for your chosen candidate.

When was the last time your political opinions were influenced by someone throwing a hissy form on Facebook or Twitter? Probably never.

Politics is about people more than “politics”

The truth is that politics is not really just politics. It’s about being human. Politics is about emotions, justice, core values ​​and beliefs. It is our own personal understanding of the world, how it treats us, and the impact we want to have on the world through our experiences.

It’s incredibly hard to understand what even your favorite aunt or best friends think when they share a meme, a viral video, or gossip about the latest political scandal or topic. Communication on social networks is not the same as an actual face-to-face conversation that takes place between two or more people. While our digital body language, such as likes, shares, and comments, has an effect, it is not the same as eye contact or hugging that happens during or after a real-life conversation.

Instead, digital political debates leave a lot to be expected. Assumptions are one of my least favorite things in life and business. Assuming what someone thinks is never a good place. Political conversations on social media leave a lot to be expected compared to real knowledge of what someone meant by a particular word or emoticon.

Are politics and personal branding compatible?

When it comes to politics and personal branding, do the two go together? Or should you keep your mouth shut and keep politics away from your personal and business social schedule?

I explore these topics and more in my latest Social Zoom Factor podcast Section # 282Personal branding and politics – maintaining your brand and relationships in a political minefield

Take a hearing Personal branding and politics – maintaining your brand and relationships in a political minefield

In this 30-minute podcast, you’ll find out:

  • How your brand is made up of perceptions and why every touch of the brand matters
  • Do personal branding and politics go hand in hand? When and how does it work?
  • Why you need to delve into WHY you want to share political content
  • Getting your digital body language speaks louder than your shiny brand corporate messaging
  • How to make an impact in the world, but also maintain the integrity of your personal and business brand
  • Talking or not talking about politics on social media – questions to find the right answer
  • How to determine what you are comfortable sharing
  • How to share political content without damaging your brand and relationships
  • When it’s time to move away from the political digital conversation
  • Tips for managing digital trolleys and why you should ignore them
  • How to find the right political content to share and deal with
  • How to be mad, in a dark world of hope, light and positivity

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