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When it comes to branding, the emphasis is often placed on the company logo. It is certain that the logo is important. But what about your relationships?

You may think that “logos and links are two very different things.” And you would be right, of course. A logo is a visual representation of your business. It can be abstract or figurative. The link is practical. You need customers or employees from one website to another.

A link can’t represent your brand, right?

Consider how many connections you share per day. Chances are it’s a lot. We share links so much – in emails, texts and on social media – that we don’t always realize how often we do it. Now imagine that every link you share contains your brand. How many more customer touch points would your brand include? How many more brand impressions would you boost for your business?

Aside from convenience, links can be critical tools to help develop your brand. Let’s look at different ways you can use short links in everyday communication to do this.

Branded links keep you in the minds of potential customers

Potentials are usually checked by other brands while they are in the process of being evaluated. This can include numerous phone calls, email exchanges and hours spent researching different solutions.

Keep your brand name in front of potential customers with help marked links in your communications. The more they see your brand, the more likely they are to remember it. Some popular ways to do this include using tagged links in marketing SMS campaigns and sales tracking emails.

Related brands improve market visibility

In addition to sales and marketing, encourage other customer-focused teams to share product links in their communications. Larger organizations often use multiple custom domains for different teams and projects.

In the support team? Use ?
HR? Use ? yourbrand.people /
Marketing? Use ?

Using your brand in your links ensures that, regardless of the channel, your brand is consistently represented. Brand consistency it has proven benefits, including greater brand awareness and the potential to affect your end result. According to one study, companies that consistently represent their brand are 3 to 4 times more likely to be seen by consumers in the market.

Branded links position you as an expert

Do you own a design company? In the educational space? Work on event planning jobs?

Whether you’re emailing potential customers or sharing personal content on your social media channels, secure links can strengthen the authority of your business in its area of ​​expertise.

Given that people on average spend around 6 seconds per page consuming content is crucial the ability to quickly demonstrate your area of ​​expertise. Using custom domain extensions like .design, .education, and .events it shows people at a glance what kind of business you do.

Related brands give you recognition for your content

Copy the URL below and shorten to Bitly.

See how the generated short link uses Bose’s custom domain? This is called automatic branding. Great, huh?

Automatic branding keeps your brand in front and in the middle. Using automatic branding, every time someone copies a web address pointing to one of your sites and shortens it to Bitly, a short link will be generated using your custom domain.

Not only does automatic branding increase your brand awareness, but it gives you additional insight into how your content is consumed. This means you will have more information to help you improve your brand’s messaging and communication to be more effective.

How to use Bitly to promote your brand

Want to learn even more about how to use Bitly for branding? Watch our short video on how to use Bitly’s features and tools to promote your brand in every digital initiative. Or, visit our website.

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