How to increase offline sales of local businesses

Google publishes guidelines on four driving styles Local search Attract local offline business and get more sales. It’s a good reminder that Google is more than just ten blue links on the search page.

Understanding all the ways customers are trying to find a business will help generate more sales.

For the local retail industry, Google said that all kinds of search volumes are growing exponentially.

In particular, three types of searches have shown amazing growth:

  1. The first type of search involves consumers searching for their local businesses.
  2. The second type of search involves consumers who are searching for businesses that have specific inventory in their local area.
  3. The third type of search involves searches related to restaurants.


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Google’s Guide sharing:

Local retail

Searches for “local” + “business” increased by more than 80% year-on-year, including searches such as “local businesses near me” and “support local businesses”.

Compared with “who has” + “inventory” search volume increased by more than 8,000% last year, including “who has Nintendo switch has inventory” and “who has fitness equipment” search.

Local restaurant search

Google next shared consumers related to food, they not only use Google search before shopping, but also use Google Ads to find information. Google advertising may be a good way to gain more advantage over competitors.

Google shared:

“Two-thirds of food and beverage consumers said they used search to find food and beverage information during the pandemic.

57% of food and beverage consumers said they discovered food and beverage information through online advertisements during the pandemic. “

Think about articles with Google: What’s new in the meal time?

YouTube and local shopping

YouTube is not generally considered a way to drive sales to local businesses. But it should be considered. Google will display YouTube videos based on search queries and under specific circumstances to provide more information to searchers who need to know about services or products.


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According to Google:

“Forty-five percent of viewers said they watched YouTube to watch product demos before buying.

Viewers said that they are twice as likely to buy goods they see on YouTube in physical stores or online than the competitive average. “

Google Map

Google Maps is not generally considered a search engine. But, just like YouTube, people are looking for local companies that can provide specific services.

This trend highlights the importance of asking for free Google My Business Account And work with it to improve your Google Maps list.

The important point here is that Google Maps should be viewed as a search engine that can provide a highly targeted context for your local business.

Google shared:

  • “In the U.S., searches for “roadside pickup” on Google Maps increased by 9,000% year-on-year
  • Globally, searches for “discounts” on Google Maps have increased by more than 100% year-on-year.
  • On Google Maps, searches for “gift shop” have increased by more than 60% year-on-year worldwide. “

Google Maps is not just a way to learn how to get there from here. Consumers are using it to find business.

The following are the most common general searches on Google Maps:
(Source: US Google data, February 2021)

  • “restaurant
  • hostel
  • Restaurants near me
  • gas
  • food
  • Food near me
  • grocery store
  • gas
  • coffee
  • pizza”

Offline sales guide

Google also released a short support page for businesses on how to get more traffic related to local search through advertising, which also contains two tips related to non-advertising search traffic. (Build your digital storefront)

The first tip suggests that companies build online storefronts and use them with free products Google My Business Account to stand out in Google’s regular search results and local-related searches in Google Maps.

The second trick shows how to get up to 42% of recommendations from Google.


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Google shared:

“The key to moving store traffic from the web to your physical location is to let customers know that you are nearby and that you have what they are looking for.

Compared with companies that did not add photos, companies that added photos to “Company Profile” received 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks on their websites. “

Since the participation of photos has increased by 42% and 35%, this is not surprising. In the article about pictures (5 benefits of using visual content in PDF marketing materials) I focused on how images attract consumers and promote sales.

The main points are:

1. The image is fascinating

Scientific research has found that images can affect viewers’ emotions in a positive way, thereby enhancing marketing messages.

2. Images reduce reading fatigue

People absorb information through images and text. The image should not be underestimated as a way of communicating the deliciousness of the menu items or the professionalism of the employees.

3. Images are easier to remember

image The impact on consumers is great because they are easily recalled. According to research, consumers can memorize 2,000 images for several days with 90% accuracy.


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4. Visual communication with graphics

Graphics can be a great way to communicate your business strengths or exchange ideas. According to neuroscientists at MIT, the human brain can recognize images in 13 milliseconds. Visual communication of ideas is an effective way to successfully convey marketing messages.

5. Images build trust and increase profitability

By analyzing millions of eBay auctions, the researchers found that free use of pictures can increase sales.

Google has more than ten links in search results

There are many points in Google’s practical guide. The most important thing is not only to try to rank in Google search, but also to consider ways to improve the visibility of Google Maps and YouTube. In addition, it may be helpful to add as many carefully arranged and photographed images as possible to convey the professionalism and high quality of the products and services provided.


Guide to offline sales with online advertising

5 benefits of using visual content in PDF marketing materials


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