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Here’s the thing: your website should be mobile-friendly. This should be your number one priority. If you want to optimize a mobile site, you must improve the performance of the site, and you must also ensure that it provides users with a great user experience. In this SEO basics article, you will outline how to improve your mobile website.

When is the website suitable for mobile devices?

The website is mobile-friendly in the following situations:

  • Help users complete tasks quickly and happily,
  • Load correctly on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets,
  • Lightning fast
  • Present the content in a readable way without the user pinching and zooming,
  • Provides plenty of touch navigation space,
  • Provide value-added services for mobile users,
  • It is immediately understandable for search engines.

Why is mobile SEO so important?

Mobile search engine optimization Ensure that your mobile website provides the best content presentation to mobile device users. As our world is increasingly mobile-oriented, you must make your website mobile-friendly. If your website is not suitable or suitable for mobile users, you will miss a good ranking in search engines and thus miss revenue. Therefore, you should do everything you can to optimize the mobile view of your website and make it as good as possible. Actually, it should be great!

for a while, Google uses the mobile version of the site to determine its ranking. If your website does not meet the requirements or displays less content on your mobile website, it will be difficult for you to rank well. If you don’t have enough mobile views of your website, it’s best to make a full-featured view, preferably as a responsive design. Google is great Getting Started Let you go.

Don’t forget to treat your website as one thing. You should not have a “mobile site” different from a “desktop site”. You should have a website that can adapt to any screen you are viewing. This also means that the content of your different views should always be the same.

How to improve your mobile website

To improve your mobile SEO, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Create a happy user experience
  • Make sure your website is responsive
  • Improve your website speed
  • Use structured data
  • Don’t block JavaScript, HTML and CSS code
  • Don’t use interstitial ads or pop-ups
  • Don’t use too many redirects
  • Choose the right viewport
  • Verify mobile friendliness
  • Tell Google your website

Focus on making use easy and enjoyable

Provide a great user experience To your users, you will notice that Google will also enjoy it. Find out the purpose of visitors and the tasks they mainly perform on your website. Want someone to call you? Make sure to put your phone number in front and center, and let others click on it. Want to increase conversion rate? Make this buy button stand out and work properly! Use these tasks to focus on your website and guide visitors in a rewarding and enjoyable way. If something frustrates your users, it will hurt you and your results. Test, improve and fully optimize your mobile website.

Responsive design

There are multiple ways to make your website available to mobile users.the most important is Responsive design, This is the technology Google Advocates. With responsive design, your website is on a URL, making it easier for Google to understand and index it.

If you use WordPress, your theme is most likely already responsive and can adapt to all screens.Be sure to check how your website scales Developer Tools for Google Chrome. If the scaling is incorrect, you should discuss with your web developer how to fix the problem-or choose another topic.

Improve your website speed

One of the most important things you can do to improve the mobile SEO of your site is to increase the loading speed of your site. Studies have shown time and time again that websites that people leave load slowly and often never return.Speed ​​has been Ranking factor Over the years, Google has increasingly focused on solving this common problem.see Web experience update with Core network life The introduction of indicators can further prove this point.We have more on how to Improve your website speed and which tools to use Can help you do this.

Get better web hosting for your website

The first tip for optimizing the speed of a mobile website is to invest in better web hosting. Many sites run on cheap hosts that share a lot of server space with other sites. It is indeed essential to stay away from cheap hosts and have a good plan on well-known ones-it is really good value for money!We have a page WordPress web hosting company When we personally review them, we can guarantee.

Optimize the image

If there is a quick victory that can improve your website speed, it is: Optimize the image. Do not load 3000 x 2000 pixel high-definition images on your website.Scale them to the correct size and use things like Image optimization, pumpkinOr WordPress plugins, for example WP Smush. You can also consider providing these images in next-generation image formats (such as WebP).

Minify code

Every request that your website must perform affects the speed of your website. You must work hard to reduce these requests. One way to do this is to reduce the code. This means that your group and concatenated assets (such as JavaScript and CSS), therefore, the browser must load fewer files, making the site faster.It sounds difficult to achieve, but like WP Rocket Can meet all your caching needs.Or, use Cloudflare’s WordPress automatic platform optimization Get a lot of enhancements at once.

Browser cache

By using browser caching, you tell the browser to save infrequently changed page elements in its cache. In this way, the browser only needs to download new dynamic content when it is accessed again. Again, this is something that plugins like WP Rocket can help you with. Or, if you want, you can do it yourself.

Reduce redirects

A kind Redirect Direct visitors from one requested page to another page because the page has been moved or deleted. If done well, this will lead to a good user experience, but the more redirects you use, the slower the site will be. Don’t make endless redirects. Also, please try not to keep the link to the link pointing to the deleted post and redirect to the new post. Always make a direct link.

Use structured data

Structured data It is essential for every site. Using structured data, you can describe your content in a way that search engines can understand. In this way, you can communicate directly with search engines. In return, search engines may reward you with amazingly rich results. Your mobile website must have the same structured data as the desktop version-otherwise, Google may be confused. Yoast SEO will automatically add structured data to the most important parts of your website, and you can fine-tune it to your liking.

Don’t block assets such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS

We have said this before, and we will continue to say: Don’t block assets such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Doing so will make it difficult for Google to access your website and may cause your ranking to drop.Check your Google Search Console See if you are blocking resources. If you want to truly optimize your mobile website, please pack everything.

Improve readability

Make sure your mobile website is perfectly readable on mobile devices.Use different equipment to Check your typography Is orderly, when necessary, make change. Typography can ruin the user experience of your website.

Improve click target size

People hate it when their fingers cannot press buttons, links or menu items without error. Sometimes designers don’t give enough consideration to the size of the button. When navigation is difficult or unnatural, mobile users get frustrated. Please solve.

Choose the right viewport

The viewport will determine the width of the page used to view the device.after Specify the correct viewport, Make sure that visitors using a specific device get the correct version of the website. Otherwise, you may show your desktop site to small-screen smartphone users, which is a big no-no.

Don’t use interstitial ads or pop-ups

Google will penalize websites that use large pop-up windows or interstitial ads to promote newsletters, registration forms, or advertisements. These usually prevent users from quickly accessing the content they request. Don’t use these, but if you need to, make sure to follow Google’s rules.

Test your website and tell Google

Before you start using mobile SEO, you should run Mobile usability testing on Google See where you should start. During your work, you should continue to test to see if progress has been made. If your mobile website is optimized, you need to tell Google to check and index it.use Search console Maintain a leading position in website performance.

Investigate Google AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an initiative of Google and other companies to make web pages load super fast on mobile devices. By wrapping the content with special HTML code, you can optimize the webpage so that Google can treat it specially. The web page is cached by Google and presented in a condensed form to ensure that the page is delivered at a brisk speed.

AMP is a great addition to your toolkit, and many sites can benefit from adopting this technology. If you have a WordPress website, it’s not difficult to get started.installation Official plugin. This will complete most of the settings.You can find more information below Google’s guidelines.

in conclusion

Mobile devices are the new benchmark, the new default. Do your best to repair and improve your mobile website, not only in the eyes of Google, but more importantly, your visitors. Mobile SEO not only involves rich content and flawless technical presentations, but it also involves creating a coveted user experience. Once you achieve this goal, you can move to the top!

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